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Founded in 1992 by JR and Loren Ridinger, Market America is a marketing company which sells a variety of goods on the web domain Market America hosts many events each year across the globe; Market America Miami being the most important: The World Conference. Early February next year (2018), thousands from across the world will gather at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL for three days.

The Market America Miami event will have a huge number of activities in which the attendees can participate. Professionally, the conference will include tips to help one build and enhance his or her business. This guidance will be done through talks and seminars given by experts and leaders in their respective fields. Various breakout sessions will also occur in more specialized areas with smaller groups. Further, Market America Miami will have the announcement of numerous new, never-revealed, products. In a more informal setting, there will be plenty of fun in the form of music and parties.

Tickets for Market America Miami are currently on sale and available for purchase at Purchasing tickets now will lead to hundreds of dollars worth of free products. The hosting hotel is the Hilton Miami Downtown which will give a discounted room rate for event participants. It will begin taking reservations on the 15th of August. For a weekend of professional development, information on new products, and great fun, Market America Miami is a perfect place to be.

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