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Ara Chackerian is a renowned investor and entrepreneur that heavily undertakes quite a number of philanthropic pursuits. Ara graduated from the Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science -Business Management and Marketing. Since then, he has gone out of his way co-found quite a large number of companies. This business guru has found great success in his endeavors in the business world.


Ara is based in San Francisco and popular for his experience in various technology- healthcare-related investments and general business. He is also highly reputed for his society leaned philanthropic endeavors. While much of Ara’s work is related to the healthcare industry, Ara Chackerian has been noted to widely engage in environmental conservation through sustainability-oriented investments such as his plantation in Nicaragua that offers hundreds of jobs to the locals living in the area. The Nicaragua farm is a teak farm that continues to be a bench-marking facility in matters – Environmental conservation.


Chackerian has co-founded quite a number of young healthcare companies such as – TMS Health Solutions, PipelineRx – The national provider of telemedicine services, and quite recently the BMC Diagnostics, a diagnostic imaging services provider. Ara also served as the Executive Vice President for World Medical, a medical supplied company with international repute.

Ara’s two-decade experience in the industry has seen him rise to prestigious positions such as the managing director of ASC Capital Holdings a company that is changing the image of the American healthcare. As such, his experience has proven invaluable in the position that he currently holds. He remains focused at capping the bridge between technology and medicine.  You can checkout their facebook page for more details.


Ara Chackerian remains committed to philanthropy and uses his business acumen to assist the community. E.g., he sits on the board of Juma Ventures, a non-profit making organization. He also has invested with several non-profit organizations in order to expand educational opportunities for the youth in the American society. Ara is also currently involved in charity works in Armenia as well.

Ara is an American with lots of interest for the American society at heart. His activities go beyond borders to ensure a brighter future for medicine and technology. For more details you can visit





Dr. Saad Saad is a qualified pediatric surgeon who has more than forty years of working in the field. He has experience of taking out objects from the trachea (windpipe) and the esophagus (food pipe). Dr. Saad has been able to help more than 1,000 children in his career aged from six months to fourteen years old. Most of these kids had objects and food stuck in their trachea and esophagus. According to Dr. Saad, kids are always curious to put some things in their mount as well as swallowing them. This is true, especially with young kids. In most cases the object will get its way to the stomach through the food pipe without complications. However, in some incidents, the purpose will get stuck in the food pipe or sometimes go down to the windpipe accidentally.

The signs that there is an object stuck in either the food pipe or windpipe are wheezing, trough swallowing as well as trouble breathing. Some of the examples of objects that kids eat and get stuck include coins, peanuts, hot dogs and others. More massive objects like hot dogs and coins usually get stuck in the food pipe. Small objects such as peanut typically get stuck in the windpipe. When an object is stuck in a kid who is less than six years, removing the object you will need to place them upside down as one hold the kid by their legs. With the kid upside down, tap the kid’s back, and in most cases, the stuck object will fall. Learn more:

Dr. Saad advice that if the kid is older, then one should conduct a Heimlich maneuver before rushing the kid to the hospital. The Heimlich maneuver requires one to stand behind the kid and to rub their hands around the waist of the kid as well as thrusting one’s hands into the abdomen. In most cases, the kid will cough the object. However, if the Heimlich maneuver fails, then it is advisable to rush the kid to the hospital. Dr. Saad claims that once you realize the kid has swallowed an object, you are not supposed to use your hands while trying to remove it this will make matters worse as you will push the object in including causing further blockage.

Once the kid gets to the emergency room, the doctor will conduct an X-ray to ascertain if the object is the esophagus or trachea. Regrettably, an X-ray is only able to identify about 50% of stuck objects. Significant objects can be seen while small ones can not be seen with an X-ray. If the kid shows some signs of a stuck object ad the X-ray is not able to indicate the same, the kid undergoes esophagoscopy or a bronchoscopy. Dr. Saad has conducted numerous of bronchoscopy and endoscopies in his career.