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Cancer is a disease that affects almost everyone across the world, either directly or indirectly. Aging is also another factor in life that simply touches everyone; it’s a fact of life that you will age. But Mikhail Blogosklonny wants to try and fix those two problems. Blogosklonny has been conducting research into cancer and its connection to the age of the patients who contract the deadly disease. With this research, he hopes to change the oncology game forever.

Cancer as a whole is a disease that can be painful physically, mentally, emotionally, but also financially. The treatment of cancer can drag on for months and even years and while doctors and science is closer to making the treatments more effective than they have been in the past, there is still a long ways to go to make it widely available for all to have access too. Blogsklonny wants to make sure that anyone in the world, no matter their financial situation, can have access to the same care as everyone else.

Mikhail also is trying to change how cancer is treated. When people go through cancer treatment, the chemotherapy and other methods all have their positives and negatives. One of the negatives would be the destruction of the healthy cells that would normally aid in the healing process after the fact. Mikhail Blogsklonny wants to try and find a way to treat the bad cells inside the human body, while sparing the healthy cells to try and have the healing process speed up. One way he is trying to do this is by using an anti-organ transplant drug to help with the healing process. Rapamycin is the drug that is currently being talked about as the next best drug to help with the problems of cancer and aging. The drug is originally used for helping with organ transplantation, where the person receiving a new organ would take Rapamycin to make sure his/her body did not reject the new organ. But in the case of cancer treatment, Rapamycin works by targeting the immune system to fight off the bad, cancerous cells and promotes tumor regression inside the body.

The other area of research that Mikhail Blogsklonny is doing more research on would be agism. In the recent tests he has conducted on lab mice, using Rapamycin has shown to provide more energy and life to mice battling tuberculosis. Also, Rapamycin has also been shown to have some effects on the reduction of brain lesions and preventing cognitive defects in mice. And while this may not be an end-all cure for Alzheimer disease, the research thus far has been positive. Many people want to leave an impact on the world when they eventually leave. Mikhail Blogsklonny is certainly trying to make sure his name ends up in history with the research he is doing. If he even comes up short, he will still have a lot to show for all of his work on Earth.