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Helping Others

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Assisted Living Community San Luis Obispo is happy to announce the new addition to their family, Farron Bernhardt. He takes the job as the new CEO of the Manse on Marsh community and Assisted Living facility. Farron comes to the facility with a large amount of experience and many new ideas that will improve the overall running of the facility. The new CEO has over 30 years of senior care experience where he worked for the Nevada Housing. He was in the specialized unit that helped senior housing and provided the community with the information they needed to develop the housing for seniors. Farron was the Vice President so he is very capable of being head of a department and dealing with the running of a facility.

The Manse on Marsh is located in the central coastal area where people can smell the salt air when they step outside their doors. The beautiful sunny skies are full of seagulls, the streets are full of interesting people and the waterway is full of fishermen and sailboats. Each person visiting the community is happy to take a ride down to the coastline to visit.

The Manse on Marsh offers both independent living and assisted living. The people living in independent are able to take care of themselves. The living in their own cottages or private homes in the Manse community. The assisted living individuals live in flats, suites, cottages, and some in one bedroom studio apartments. The Atrium houses several one-bed room studio apartments. The Atrium also has a Bistro for the residents to enjoy. For entertainment the residents can enjoy the library, getting their hair done, the movie theater, or group activities. The group activities are things like group exercise, art, music, and church. Each resident has the choice of attending or not.

Farron hopes to bring a new excitement to the Manse on Marsh residents and staff. The Manse is already doing really well and is high on the senior lists for websites such as a place for mom. The facility is winning five-star ratings and doing very well online. New CEO Bernhardt hopes to keep the community in good standings and bring in even better reviews in the future.