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Norka Luque started out as a girl with a dream. She dreamed only of singing and never thought that she would have the opportunity to make a career out of it. Because of this, she made the choice to pursue a career in business before she ever even thought of being a professional singer. Her parents helped to fund her to get to France to study business and this was the way that she was going to make a career for herself. While she was in France, she completed a degree in business administration and set out to make a career for herself.
It did not work out for her, though. Norka Luque was not able to express herself in the way that she wanted because she knew that there was not enough creativity in the world of business. Because of this, she began to seek out other opportunities that would allow her the chance to find out what she was really capable of. She stumbled upon an opportunity to go to a culinary school in France. This was something that was very prestigious and something that not many people had the opportunity to do: she took the chance and ran with it.


While she was in culinary school, she learned about various foods and the way that they can be used as well as cooked. She knew though, in her heart, that culinary was not what was calling to her. There was something more out there and she was going to find it. With that, she went to school and earned a degree in fashion. This was not the answer, either though. She found that she did not enjoy it as much as she thought that she was going to. She set out to find more opportunities.


An opportunity came knocking at her door in the form of a band looking for a female singer. They loved her voice. They had heard her sing in a casual tone and knew that it was right for the sound that they were looking for. The band gave her access to producers and other things that would help her to kickstart her own career. She took the chance and ran with it. She soon became a solo artist and she was able to be much more successful than she had ever been with any of the other types of careers that she had chosen.