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August this year, one of the leading companies that are redefining the women health in terms of research and medication received a tremendous amount of funding. With massive interest in pelvic floor disorders, the company successfully secured financing, which according to investment pundits will be instrumental in the future of women health. The main person behind this impressive idea is the visionary Marc Beer, and he is hopeful that more than 250 million women who are the company’s target will benefit from this deal. Currently, it is impressive to note that one of the Renovia product was certified as suitable for medical purposes use. Learn more:


One of the funding organizations, Longwood Fund, believes in the overall dream of Renovia to make and design women medicine. According to the company’s official communication, the investment in the Renovia dream is consistent with their idea especially on redesigning and being solution makers. The company is also satisfied with the company’s choice of medical niche because according to them, women health is one of the most neglected investment niches. During the signing of the deal, Mark Beer pointed out that the company is already in the process of making women health not only a necessity but also viable and affordable.


The funding is not the only development Renovia is keen on improving in this investment niche. Mark Beer over the years has insisted the importance of a good team in making the company’s dream a reality. With this philosophy, it is impressive to note that Mark Beer has added some of the most experienced and passionate professionals in Renovia. Some of these professionals include José Bohorquez, Samantha Pulliam, and Jessica McKinney. The three professionals according to Mark Beer will be vital in propelling the company’s next phase of research. It is impressive to note that the three professionals are already established professionals in this particular niche.


What other factors that make Mark Beer leadership exceptional? First, it is essential to appreciate the fact that he is one of the hardest working people in health investment. This approach to work makes him work long hours around the company’s dream and more importantly, how to improve their basic operations. Second, he is specific in his vision for better health. This specification has always given his dreams unmatched authentic look. It is also because of reasons that significant investors are more than willing to invest on Renovia’s idea.


In conclusion, it is essential to acknowledge that Mark Beer has a deep understanding of the importance of distribution in ensuring that the target market benefits. This understanding is the main reason why Mark and the management of Renovia have been consistent in polishing the distribution channels of all the products designed and manufactured by Renovia.


Many musicians around the world are passionate about their career, and they are doing their best to keep on creating beautiful music that their fans would love. Alex Pall, one of the musicians for The Chainsmokers, recently shared how his journey in the music industry began, and how he used all of the available avenues for him to become successful in his chosen career.

Alex Pall is a native of New York City, and like any other locals living in the Big Apple, he needs to work to earn a living and survive. He used to work for an art gallery, serving as its assistant and working in the establishment during the day. To support his expenses, he had to work inside the clubs and bars as a DJ. He used the money he receives from his stint as a DJ to buy the things that he needs. Through the years, his routine focused on his job at the art gallery and his part-time stint at bars and clubs. However, he started developing an interest to focus on his talent being a DJ. He started to work for bars and clubs at night regularly, and he eventually made more money performing at night compared to his career during the day. He came into a decision of leaving his job at the art gallery and focusing on his career as a DJ.

He later met a talent manager, and he was invited to become a part of the musical duo that he has been conceptualizing for years. In the process, Alex Pall was introduced to his musical partner, Drew Taggart, and they quickly became close friends. In 2012, The Chainsmokers was officially introduced to the public, and they started releasing hit singles on YouTube, gaining hundreds of millions of views.

Alex Pall was able to fulfill his dreams, and he continues to become a passionate musician who keeps on making music that would be enjoyed by their audiences. Recently, The Chainsmokers are experimenting on new musical combinations, hoping that they could introduce a new song that has an entirely different genre to their loyal followers.

Clay Hutson holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Technical Production from the Central Michigan University. Besides, he is a graduate of the University of Michigan, School of Business, having a Master of Business Administration. Hutson hails from Nashville, Tennessee and has had much interest in music since his tender age.


From 1999, he held the position of production manager for Getagrip. Besides, from 2001, he was the vice president of production for Ronin Event Creative. Hutson has been Kanye West’s stage manager as well as Prince and Jennifer Nettles’ production manager.


Clay Hutson has been part of Billy Graham’s travelling circuit. He gathered vast experience from all these roles but has the most passion for rock and roll. Currently, he has dedicated his life to being a designer, producer, and manager of various live tours. Having spent much time in the music industry opened his doors to work with big stars like Garbage, Guns N’ Roses together with Kid Rock.


Clay is unique in the music business industry. One of his considerations in an artist is focused on thoughts and feelings. Besides, he values his audience by providing something beautiful with each performance. He works hard to make the impossible happen.


Clay Hutson’s inspiration to start his own production management company is the invaluable knowledge gained from working with tour production and live entertainment. He employs his experience from the past companies and people he has worked with.


Hutson has a habit of getting up early to reach an event before everyone else. It is by this that he studies the day’s schedule, creates a backup plan as well as planning the role of individuals on his team. He does this to attain the highest productivity level.


Concerning the actualization of his ideas, experience as well as the image he creates in mind, plays a crucial role. Hutson is much excited about technological trends happening in the music industry. As an entrepreneur, his success originates from always working three steps ahead of the current happenings.


To young entrepreneurs in the sector, Hutson encourages them to be honest to themselves together with others and have value for their family. He encourages working with people who also pose a challenge to his work in creativity and not just following procedures.


Currently, Clay Hutson is the manager of Hasley’s “Hopeless Foundation Kingdom” tour where the talented pop star is travelling across the globe to arenas and amphitheaters. Learn more: