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Soros Donates Most of His Wealth To Open Society Foundation

Donating to $18 Billion to his Open Society Foundation has meant that the philanthropist George Soros has given away the overwhelming majority of his fortune. His fortune currently stands at over $6.6 (less $18 Billion) Billion with his contribution aiming to promote democracy. George Soros also plans to contribute the majority of his remaining wealth to his foundation.

Aim to Combat Authoritarianism and Promote Human Rights

This donation is destined for the Open Society Foundation’s work in combating authoritarianism, the promotion of human rights, and the support of LGBT groups and other marginalized individuals/groups. More importantly, the donation makes the Open Society Foundation one of the largest charities. This puts the foundation directly behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in terms of endowment.

Made Substantial Sum of Money In Foreign Exchange Markets

The origins of his fortune are from 1992, when he made a substantial sum of money ($1 Billion) from shorting the British Pound. This puts Mr. Soros in a substantial position of power over financial markets, which leads to some of the suspicion that others have

Criticized Unfairly From Politicians

Unfortunately, George Soros has seen his fair share of critics for the philanthropic work which he has performed. A recent piece from The Atlantic reported that many have accused him of funding protests such as the Antifa movement and Black Lives Matter. Some have also accused him of paying women to accuse Roy Moore of sexual assault. Much of this has its origins in Soros’ funding of a campaign to prevent George Bush’s reelection.

Designed To Paint Mr. Soros as Boogeyman

But, unfortunately all of these statements are designed to paint Mr. Soros as being a philanthropic “boogeyman.” This comes during a time in which many are active among populist movements. The word “philanthropist” refers to an individual whom seeks to promote an open society and egalitarian values, which George Soros aspires to do through his foundation.

Aim of Creating Open Society Foundation TO Establish Open Society

Deciding he had “enough money” in 1979, he set up his philanthropic arm to achieve a goal of establishing an open society. His first philanthropic venture was in providing scholarships for black students at the University of Cape Town and for dissidents in Eastern Europe to study abroad. He sees his success as giving him the opportunity to take a stand on often controversial issues.

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The Trump administration has caused new debate about immigration with its emphasis on the issue of deportation. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

The cornerstone of Trump’s campaign was talking about building a wall on the border. Since Trump has come into the office, migrants and their families have lived in constant fear.

There are groups who have organized assistance for immigrants during these stressful times. Here are just a few:

Families for Freedom-works with families who are in immediate danger of being deported. This group consists largely of former detainees of the system.

The Immigrant Defense Project-uses their influence and educators to give valuable information to immigrants and their families

International Rescue Committee-founded by Albert Einstein. This organization travels and offers assistance to those who need emotional or financial help.

The International Refugee Assistance Project asks law students and attorneys to use their expertise to speak for immigrants in legal and ethical situations. Read more:

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin with the money they were awarded from a lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio for an illegal arrest. The Frontera Fund uses money and resources to fight discrimination in Arizona and beyond.

There has been a huge increase in the detention of immigrants since Trump became President. The workload of detainees has grown by 146% over the past few years which means a jump of an incredible 453,948 cases to take care of. This rise in litigation has also caused a crisis of finding qualified judges to hear these cases.

The amount of cases has had a negative effect on immigrants because cases can last for years. This dilemma leads to difficult separations and financial hardships for the families as the breadwinners are stuck in jails. Judges who preside over cases quickly are more likely to make crucial mistakes. Some judges state they must make life-altering decisions in 7 minutes.

Activists like Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have put their own careers in jeopardy as they fight injustice. If the two men had been intimidated by Joe Arpaio and his deputies, the freedom of speech would have been in danger.

Each of these groups works to bring relief to the hardship that immigrants live with every day and for the families they support. legislation has been pushed through that puts the rights of people in jeopardy, living in the United States today.

These advocacy groups use resources and finances they raise to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves.


The Launch of Front Page Confidential with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

In recent years, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have created two new organization. The former Village Voice Media owners are now the owners of The Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential. The Frontera Fund was created in 2013; Front Page Confidential came a few years later in 2017.


The Frontera Fund was founded the same year Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin said goodbye to Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times. A civil lawsuit between the team of the formed New Times owners and Maricopa County had just came to a conclusion. This is when they made the decision to switch their business interests. The lawsuit was brought forth as a result of the actions of one man: Joe Arpaio.


Joe Arpaio was first elected as Maricopa County Sheriff in 1992, and he held the position for 24 years. In fact, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are partially responsible for Joe Arpaio being voted out. The Phoenix New Times investigated Joe Arpaio for his entire run as Sheriff, and they exposed his immoral actions to citizens all over Arizona. They reported on his brutal police tactics, asset hiding, and other alleged crimes.


Front Page Confidential’s first article was published in August of 2017. marking the beginning of Lacey and Larkin’s new paper. They are sticking to what they know best with their new publication: corrupt politics. They also cover constitutional rights and immigration reform.


George Soros has a net worth of $24.4 billion and is among the people who are called self-made billionaires. Born and bred in Hungary, John Soros took his elementary studies in the same locality. However, his parents could not sponsor his higher education, causing him to fend for himself. George took manual jobs as a waiter in a hotel and railway porter to raise his fees as he studied in the university. He later got a job in the finance industry the field, where he always aspired to work. He began his career in a lowly position at a merchant bank. Soros finally moved to New York, where he got an opening on Wall Street.

George established the edge Fund worth $12 million on Wall Street in 1969. With Stan Druckenmiller on his side, George Soros got a huge breakthrough in Wall Street in 1972 as he shorted the British Pound, making high profits. The profits were so high that he became known as ‘the man, who broke into the Bank of England.’ The lasting impressions made in the first few years on Wall Street made George remain a strong force in the market. More than four decades later, George is a still a heavy weight in the investment industry.

Soros Fund Management is the family business that holds more than $30 million in assets. The fund is expected to grow to higher heights in the near future. The firm mainly deals with investments and has helped Soros grow to his billionaire status over the years. At the beginning of 2017, George Soros hired Dawn Fitzpatrick, one of the most prominent women in the Wall Street market. Dawn was assigned the role and position of Chief Investment Officer (CIO), in the company, She is expected to help grow the company to the next level with her expertise that she has gained over the years.

Investing in Politics

In 2015/16, Soros re-emerged as a main supporter of politics just as he had done in 2004. Although in 2004 he was fighting for the defeat of George Bush, this time he was fighting for the defeat of Donald Trump, whom he refers to as ISIS. Asked what he means by calling Donald ISIS, Soros said that Trump invokes fear in people, a quality he regarded as poor. In support of Hillary Clinton, George Soros donated more than $25 million that would help boost the campaign. Moreover, George Soro’s team said that they expected him to give more given his belief in the success of the candidate. Soros also aspired to attend the Democratic Convention in which Hillary Clinton would accept the role of being a presidential nominee. However, Soros canceled the engagement on the last minute when he said he needed to observe the European market

It was officially announced that Dick and Betsy DeVos discussed their generosity at the confirmation hearings and now have a number of $139 million to go with that giving. A major part of the story has been Dick and Betsy’s support of private elementary and secondary education schools and their staunch defense of school of choice, but they’ve also given to grassroots organizations such as Action Institute and Hudson Institute. The DeVos’s have given to a number of Republican political candidates over the years, and have been active in the state’s party leadership committees, but the donations there are relatively small compared to the impact they’ve had on Grand Rapids, MI as a whole.


Dick DeVos was born in the Grand Rapids area and was raised by entrepreneurial-minded parents who also gave to organizations and individuals in need. His father was Amway cofounder and ardent supporter of former President Ford, Richard DeVos Sr. Dick often watched the business operations at Amway as a young boy and decided to work his way through the company once he completed his bachelor’s degree at Northwood University. He and his brothers were soon made vice presidents of Amway operations and began exploring sales in the Asian and Pacific markets. Dick briefly left the company for a few years to start his own company, The Windquest Group in 1989 and then run for public office to the Board of Education in 1990, but he returned as CEO in 1993 and remained there until 2002. Today he manages investments and funds local businesses and initiatives at The Windquest Group while also funding charter schools and art foundations.


Dick and Betsy’s education activities began with the support of the Children’s Scholarship Fund through their own Education Freedom Fund in the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation. The group primarily provided for low income students to attend private schools, but the DeVos’s also wanted more done at the state level to ease the burdens on families. They tried to get a measure passed that would allow families to receive tax credits for attending private schools but came up short. 10 years later they opened their own school and opened the doors to anyone interested in learning aviation as well as technology and liberal arts at the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick DeVos ran in the 2006 gubernatorial race when he became dissatisfied with the overall direction the state of Michigan was headed, but he fell short to then incumbent Jennifer Granholm. In 2012 he and several members of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and the Koch Foundation brought right-to-work legislation to the table that passed and was promptly signed into law. Dick DeVos also made two contributions, one to local Grand Rapids hospitals that won the Spectrum Health Foundation Art of Giving award in 2006, and later donated to David Rubenstein’s Kennedy Center project that was named the Dick & Betsy DeVos Institute for Arts Management.