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Florida Governor Rick Scott has been called on the carpet for potential campaign campaign finance violations by a political action committee known as End Citizens United.

The group charges that Scott is thwarting rules which prohibit collusion between a Super Pac and the formal campaign of the candidate. It appears that Scott’s campaign has been taking money directly from the New Republican PAC — a group for which Scott was once served as chairman.

Scott has already raked in tens of millions of dollars in his bid to win the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Bill Nelson. New Republican PAC is garnering millions more from dark sources, including giant corporations and fat cat billionaires.

It’s all part of a money-bloated system that End Citizens United wants to end. The PAC was formed in 2015 with the goal of enacting large-scale reforms to the current state of campaign finance law. Ever since the 2010 Supreme Court ruled in favor of a group called Citizens United, politicians have been allowed to accept as much money as they want from any source — even if the public has no idea about who, what or where that money comes from.

End Citizens United believes it is critical that Gov. Scott lose his bid to gain a seat in the U.S. Senate. He and other right wing politicians are perfectly happy with the status quo, a system in which Big Money calls all the shots in our elections.

End Citizens United raises money the old fashioned way — by accepting only small donations from individual, ordinary American citizens. The group has raised an impressive $35 million ahead of the 2018 midterm election cycle. End Citizens United is using that money to support candidates who have expressed a strong desire to change the system. The average donation to ECU is just $14.

Rick Scott has been able to ride waves of illicit cash to two terms as governor of Florida. Now he wants to bring his shady act to Washington D.C. — something the folks at End Citizens would eagerly like to prevent from happening.

The End Citizens United PAC is determined to make an impact in the upcoming 2018 elections, working foremost to replace the current republican seat holders in California’s house with democrats. There are currently four Republican elected officials that the group has identified as being vulnerable, and these are the four individuals that End Citizens United is going to support the opponents in the coming election. The main reason these four individuals have been identified is due to their campaign finances and other fiscal issues.

The people and businesses that support a campaign and elected officials are always an important factor in elections because of the issues that they represent. In this election, many of the companies that supported and donated to the funds for these four house members are part of very contentious issues that electors in the state of California might find at odds with their values. Across these four districts, the money that is exchanged and funding elected officials is substantial and that is why each individual has been named. The PAC End Citizens United might just make campaign finance reform the issue of the election given all the attention and work that is about to go into replacing each of these four seats.

End Citizens United was formed in response to Citizens United and the Supreme Court decision that made it possible for companies and corporations to donate to campaigns as individuals. Many that started the PAC believe that this decision was detrimental to the political process by giving corporations more control over elections and elected officials when it should be the citizens of the country that these men and women work for. For this reason, most of the opponents that End Citizens United works against are those that have accepted major campaign contributions from corporations or other special interest groups that now use the new law to fund campaigns in return for beneficial legislation.

To date this grassroots effort has seen some significant impact, working with money and word of mouth to take their message to each area of the country where they can make the greatest difference. Each election is a chance to even the playing field and exposing elected officials that have accepted questionable contributions to their campaigns.

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