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Many people might not be familiar with the name of Betsy Devos but she is the Secretary of Education under the Trump Administration. Devos has been in the world of politics for many years and is especially fond of the position that she holds. However, President Trump’s current reversal of the Obama’s Administration, transgender bathroom guidelines, has angered this renown politician.

In February of 2017, the Trump Administration did away with President Obama’s previously permissive regulations pertaining to transgender individuals. These rules endorsed the rights of transgenders to use bathrooms that are suited for their preferred gender status.

The Obama Administration stated that it would be a Civil Rights violation to stop this group of people from using public facilities that were for their designated orientation. Trump’s Administration does not disagree with President Obama’s former stance on the issue.

However, they do say that these laws limit the role of the states and local school districts. In other words, these are the governing bodies that should be the groups which will ultimately decide how this situation plays out in real life.

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Many liberal and LGBTQ organizations reacted to this swift change in legislation. It’s another situation where people all over the country are protesting Trump’s controversial style of governing. This is another example of how a lot of people are trying to denounce Trump’s leadership while he is in office.

Betsy Devos is afraid that Trump’s actions are going to cause a lot of problems for many transgender people everywhere. She feels as if many transgender people will no longer be able to use the proper public facilities that would be best suited for their new gender identity.

As a result, many of them could end up being hurt; mentally, emotionally and even physically. Devos does not want any transgender people killing themselves over this issue.

Betsy Devos is committed to helping people. She has been doing this for most of her life. She wants to use her knowledge and position to help people less fortunate. While she is a Republican, she does champion the cause of transgender people.

She feels empathy for them and wants them to know that she has been and will continue to fight for them. Her husband and she has given millions over the years to various organizations such as the Acton Institute, the Kennedy Center and Arts Prize.

Currently, Devos had to step down from the fight with Trump’s Administration over this issue. Attorney General Jeff Sessions forced her to revoke her opposition to the Trump’s Administration’s decision.

Devos had no choice but to back down otherwise she would have to resign from her position. Devos reluctantly agreed to this action. However, Devos knows that she can do more to help transgender people while in this position; as opposed to not having this platform.

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Truth-Out just published an article on the current political and economic turmoil in Venezuela. The country is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, as there is a major energy and food shortage that the ruling political party seems incapable of addressing in an effective way. As a result, there have has been a massive public outcry for a change in political leadership so that the general population can get back to normalcy. There are widespread efforts to try to remove President Maduro from office, but they have all been thwarted so far.
As the article suggests,expert David Osio explains that the quickest way for President Maduro to regain popularity and be able to govern through the rest of his turn without a coup, is to put in place various economic controls to stabilize the country immediately. One of the most important measures President Maduro should take is to institute a floating exchange rate, as did former President Hugo Chavez went the country was experiencing similar chaos a few years ago. In addition, another economic strategy would be for the government to sell some of its oil reserves, which would not have to be pumped out of the country until years from now. This would be a certain way to gain access to immediate capital to support the economy says Osio. Until the government of Venezuela does something to get a grip on the current economic situation, its political one remains uncertain.