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Premiere Gazette’s recent article, Beto O‚ÄôRourke Closes in On Ted Cruz Per Latest Poll by End Citizens United emphasizes the need for justice and transparency in modern American politics. End Citizens United is an organization dedicated to exposing these injustices within a corrupt, greedy, money-focused, capitalist political system. Fortunately, according to the aforementioned article and to polls conducted by grassroots political organizations, Beto O’Rourke is outrunning Ted Cruz in the intense race for Texas Senate. End Citizens United is committed to equalizing the establishment and continues to expose avarice in politicians like Ted Cruz. Cruz is well-known for thinking only of himself. However, the grassroots organization’s Twitter page states that “Beto O’ Rourke is running a different kind of race”. Premiere Gazette’s article also suggests that gaining a major endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund can only serve as a boon to Beto’s run. Climate deniers mostly lean to the right. So, Democratic candidate Beto O’ Rourke’s significant environmental triumph may help him garner even more support from left-leaning individuals who are interested in sustainable development or are environmentally conscious. This valued quality of being down to earth has also aided in O’Rourke’s favorable outcomes in relation to current grassroots movements. Not only is O’Rourke pro-immigration, but he also desires state-provided healthcare for all Texans and emphasizes the profound creation of jobs that will ensue if he wins. This compassionate man seeks to close the aperture between the left and right, suggesting that the United States’ current political system pits people against one another when real change must involve coexistence and co-work. His integrity and determination have additionally led to his acquiring of significant support by the truth-seeking group End Citizens United. Valuing justice, this grassroots group resists the nefarious ways of politicians like Ted Cruz, who accept unethical donations from Political Action Committees. O’Rourke has not accepted any money from these corrupt PACs. End Citizens Untied places people before profit, as does O’Rourke. Learn more:



In an article by Heidi Harris titled “Intellectual Property in the Digital Age, with Kamil Idris on the pitfalls of Globalization”, the author talks about the changes linked to globalization and technology. Kamil Idris, the former director of the WIPO in Geneva, discusses how globalization has its pros. It is allowing for innovation, and with the help of globalization is driving exports. However, there are new grey areas created that center on the ownership of ideas and how to protect these. Intellectual property rights are important to protect innovation, but there is a growing issue in which wealthy countries and companies are able to control patent purchasing, while poorer countries are left behind. There also will likely be a growth in intellectual theft, piracy, and counterfeit movements. Idris feels that this gap will only grow as the globalization continues, and this is why there is a need for formal reforms to the international system. Currently, the World Trade Organization has recognized that changes need to be made to policy, and is looking hat was to tailor new Intellectual Property protection policies.

Kamil Idris has brought attention to this topic, not only from years of policy experience in this field, but also in the World Intellectual Property day, which is on the 26th of April. Another important level of changing policy, is the WIPO Copyright Treaty, which was first created and signed in 1887, in the Berne Conference in Switzerland. This treaty obligates all signing countries to protect intellectual property in the fields of science, literature, and arts, but will likely need to expand this more to the fields of digital materials. Another agreement, is the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of International Property. This is seen as the most comprehensive agreement to date, and is working to incite accountability amongst nations in the field of intellectual property. As the digital age progresses alongside globalization, the technological changes will likely reshape how lawmakers look at free markets and liberalization of information. Reform on international agreements needs to be the first step.