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Rodrigo Terpins is a family member of the famous Terpins sports family from Brazil. His mentor is Joe Terpins, a prominent former sports president for the basketball teams. Being a committed and passionate basketball player, Joe Terpins made a name for himself. His two sons have since picked invaluable lessons from his charismatic nature. Rodrigo Terpins is a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally, a famous sports team. This rally team attracts leading established racers across the world. When it comes to membership at the Sertoes Rally, the requirements extend beyond talent to dedication, determination as well as top notch tools. It therefore, means that Rodrigo harbors some of the best sports talents on earth.

The Race

Perhaps Rodrigo is famous for his participation in the T1 type of prototypes. With this team mate Bianchini, the duo managed to land the third position and eighth position in a series of twenty two rallies. While racing, Rodrigo and his partner Fabricio focused on the adaptation features of the car as well as the terrain. Under his guidance, there was full control of the car throughout the competition. Being a talented racer, Rodrigo was passionate during the race. He executed excellent performance coupled with enthusiasm. While his car hit the ground by overturning, he still managed to score historical points.


Rodrigo is a team player. For years, he has been a friendly partner to Fabricio. That is why the duo has managed to register excellent performance over time. Even in accidents, the two have survived because of their dedication to each other. Having his share of challenges in the sports world, Rodrigo has exuded patience and perseverance. As a result, he has achieved invaluable strides in his growing career. Rodrigo Terpins has used his talent to build a strong business empire. The sports personality is a proud member of the Bull Sertoes and just like Michel Terpins his brother, he has been a huge success story over the past years. He accumulates many points following his vast racing experience as well as championship rallies. Some of the characteristics that define Rodrigo include patience, determination, loyalty and persistence. He believes that with the mentioned values, everything is possible. Check out his Facebook page.