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Arthur Becker, the current Managing Associate at Madison Partners, LLC is a successful entrepreneur in the real estate and technology markets. He has held top positions in companies such as Vera Wang Fashion, Zinio, Atlantic Investors, and NaviSite. Recently, Arthur did an interview with Inspirery where he sheds light on his career and achievements.

During the interview, Arthur elucidated that the Vera Wang Fashion Company was his source of inspiration to initiate NaviSite Technology Company in 2003 and Madison Partner, LLC, a real estate corporation in 2011. He further explains that he buys unique properties which he flips and later sells or leases, earning profit from his investment. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Arthur clarifies that the business is rewarding as it did not take long to make a profit, unlike in other business ventures. Mr. Becker advises other upcoming investors in the industry to first learn about the industry before embarking on investing hefty sums of money as he did. According to Becker, he believes referrals, business cards, shirts, pens, and billboards are important marketing strategies to get a company’s name known.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is a graduate of Bennington College and Amos Tuck Graduate School of Business Dartmouth where he obtained his Bachelors of Arts and MBA respectively. After clearing his studies, in 1988, Mr. Becker joined Bear Stearns, Inc. in 1994. He established Bnox, Inc. and worked as its President and Founder. During his reign at the company, it managed to sell through large market retailers including Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, CVS, and T-Maxx.

Later on, Arthur imitated Advance Partners, LLC which was a financial corporation that aided financing and acquisition of various UK companies to US-based investors. The company recommended Cendant Corporation to acquire National Car Park in the UK in 1998 for a value of 1.1 Billion. Mr. Becker started investing in technology and real estate in 2011 after he founded Madison Partners, LLC. Before this, he had invested in Zinio, a digital magazine distributor selling over 6,000 magazines in nearly 15 countries. Currently, Arthur lives in New York and Miami and is still invests in both Real Estate and technological corporations.

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Real Estate Crisis

A myriad of adverse effects struck Baltimore after the recent housing crisis. However, the sectors are making a renaissance, if the latest developments are anything to go by. Last year, sales that were negotiated by banks dropped drastically, with prices of homes shooting up as a result.

The local authorities were first to react to the situation, formulating laws that would mitigate the effects of the predicament. The new regulations affected both sides, as the rates became consumer friendly, while foreclosures were slowed down considerably. At the time of the crisis, the average cost of residential houses soared to record-breaking levels, a situation that had not been witnessed for almost a decade.

Todd Lubar’s Achievements

After leaving the Syracuse University with an undergraduate degree in communication, Todd Lubar delved into the property development sector. The driving factor behind this move as his desire to assist fellow humans, as well as zeal to conquer the industry. Todd’s first job was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, where he gained valuable knowledge on conventional mortgage banking. Further, Todd engaged in positive relationships with leading experts in the industry, a strategy that enhanced his understanding of the property development industry. Also, these professionals are his referees.

Taking a job at Legacy Financial Group is perhaps the most notable leap in Todd’s illustrious career. Here, he used hid adept knowledge on lending to supervise loans between investors and financiers. He later used the knowledge accrued from this position to establish Legendary Properties LLC. The firm acquires, renovates and then sells residential premises that range from single units to multiple apartments.

Having spent over a decade in real estate, Todd made an excellent observation. He discovered that a significant number of people did not own homes, primarily because traditional financiers had overlooked their mortgage applications. He, therefore, inaugurated Legendary Financial LLC, a solution to this conundrum. Using this institution, Todd has assisted many individuals in procuring home loans. Click here:

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is real estate expert, having worked for several respected establishments in the industry. Apart from property development, Todd has other business ventures in scrap metal recycling. Currently, he is the head of TDL Global Ventures.

Check out his website for details.

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