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Retailer Web Services (RWS) recently announced they will be offering online reputation management software to independent durable goods retailers. The software is called WebFronts Review.
The software will help businesses manage their digital stamp and it will help them garner the power of positive reviews, which help increase visibility of sites and businesses online. Positive reviews can affect people’s decisions when it comes to buying products.

According to RWS, they developed the software to provide companies with a way for them to find out what is being said about them and how to deal with negative reviews. It also helps them increase positive reviews, as well as helping them manage their online reputation.

While developing WebFronts, RWS surveyed hundreds of consumers. They asked them how they used online reviews when it comes to deciding where to purchase items such as appliances, furniture and mattresses.

The technology used for the software was created with six industry practices in mind, which include monitor, alert, respond, solicit, showcase and share. The software monitors sites, such as Facebook, Yelp and Google, for reviews on a daily basis. This allows retailers to view their reviews in one spot.

Retailers can receive alerts via text and emails when new reviews pop up about their business. With just one click, the software brings retailers to the site of the review/reviews, which allows them to respond. Furthermore, the software offers tips to help business respond to negative and positive reviews.

WebFronts Review lets retailers solicit feedback from consumers after they have purchased items from them. Finally, it also allows retailers to share four and five star reviews via Facebook, right from the software.


If you consider the fact that anything can happen at any time, then you should know there could always be someone or something that catches you in a way that is less than flattering. However, when you also start to think about the idea that the internet has images, stories, and general information on people that will never go away, you need to think smart in order to keep your private information and data from being displayed on the front page of search results for all to see. The simple answer and the best fix is to work with professionals who can have your information either pushed down or removed entirely. That’s exactly why you should think about working with Bury Bad Articles to have your reputation be salvaged or reconstructed.

There are not only a tremendous amount of things that could get up online that are about you, but there are an equally tremendous number of reasons why you would want to have them pushed down in search results and have them hidden. Just think about what could happen if you were trying to go in for a new job interview, or if you were going to be put up for a promotion? When you start to consider the basic idea that other things can happen such as potential companies you want to collaborate with, having a significant other find information about you, letting the media know of something you did if you are in the public eye, or even knowing your children can one day find out information about you, then you have to know exactly what makes sense with respect to covering up your personal information.

Regardless of who you are or what you do for a living, you still live in a world where once something hits the internet then it is nearly impossible to remove. What you need to do is find a way to work with someone or a group of professionals such as Bury Bad Articles and make sure your online reputation stays safe instead of having personal and private information leak. Check out how Bury Bad Articles can help protect your privacy today.

Early in 2015, Darius Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Labs, was faced with a reputation crisis. This is ironic because Fisher has made his company into an expert in reputation management. Status Labs suffered negative press that quickly grew into a national media story because of the controversial actions of a (former) executive. Those actions pulled in real hatred for the company from the press, because Status Labs didn’t really have a public human presence. It’s easy to blame and hate an entity that you can’t put a face too, regardless of the facts.

To combat this spike in bad reputation, company employees unanimously agreed to ask for the resignation of the person who caused the issue. That letter and a photo of the team were quickly put online to humanize an otherwise faceless company. Fisher knew that the company had to start taking a more active approach to their own reputation management and social interaction online, a service they have provided to 1,000’s of others.

Creating a better reputation starts with creating a wider presence online. If you lack content on social media, when the bad news comes around, it fills that void. Suddenly all anyone can find out about you is negative news. Fisher’s approach to handling Status Labs crisis was to begin to involve the company in community growth, and to ensure his employees felt valued as individuals.

Darius Fisher is an honors graduate from Vanderbilt University. His prior experience includes copy-writing and political consultation. His vision for Status Labs has led the company to working with public figures, Fortune 500 brands, CEOs, and politicians in 35 countries. He serves 1,500+ clients with reputation management and repair.

Fisher is a motivated individual that takes a tailored look at a client’s problems and makes sure that Status Labs provides the best services that it can, even when they need those services themselves. He’s a humble individual that takes an active approach to PR and social management, and appears to truly enjoy what he does and the team that he has cultivated to work with him.

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