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The publication of the catchy piece of ‘An Ode to Those Who Wander,’ caught an eye of a former trader under Wall Street. The decorated veteran in hedge fund contacted me with an intention of discussing the GNC Holdings, Inc. I have had an interest on GNC in my publication work, a line of thought that this veteran had followed closely. Our meeting over the weekend was also meant to discuss his time on Wall Street. He has since taken a sabbatical leave at the age of 35 years.

His journey on Wall Street started in Penn State University where he graduated and jumped into investment world. His first role was an intern at Merrill Lynch in New York City. After 3 years at Merrill, he joined Longacre hedge fund where he would meet the renowned investor in hedge fund, SahmAdrangi. Sahm is known for his investment skills and more so as the founder of the all-time famous Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Under the leadership of Sahm, Kerrisdale Capital has caused such headlines especially with their uniquely designed approaches. For instance, the company approached investors for a sum of $100 million which it intends to bet on just one stock. This has caused a lot of speculation in the market, terming the co-investment as a first in this line of business. The growing investment company intends to use this capital to short the stock of a public company whose identity has not been made known at this time.

Also taking part in this campaign is an analyst from Kerrisdale, Shane Wilson. With support of Adrangi, he intends to intensify their lobbying for their proposition to other investors as well to generate more capital. They will be using media such as their websites and video to see this through.

As the Chief Investment Officer, Adrangi has seen the company accumulate $500 million including the recently collected money form investors. They recently created a short for stocks of Zafgen Company and Sage Therapeutics and Global star. Sahm is also known for his publication work. He recently did a sensitization piece titled, ‘The Pebble Deposit Isn’t Commercial Viable’ that made heads turn on 14th of February.