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While the internet is a wonderful creation and vital to much of our personal lives in today’s culture, it can also be a source of unwanted attention. Many times, the first impression someone has of a prospective partner, business associate, or new hire is from information gleaned over the web. If you are one of the many that don’t “google” well, you may need to call in experts in online reputation management.

In a recent article on the website Observer, Darius Fisher an expert in online brand management and founder of Status Labs gave five important tips for cleaning up your online presence.

The first tip was to simply Google yourself. Before logging into your laptop, make sure you clean your browser’s cache and log into Google anomalously. If you try and do a web search on yourself without these steps, you will most likely get a set of search results personalized to your browsing history and will not reflect what a colleague or other interested party would see.

Once you see the results, identify anything that may be damaging or showing you in a way other than the way you want yourself portrayed. For those items, you have control over like your own social media accounts, remove or delete them. In some cases, you may have to adjust the privacy settings to block who sees what.

Sometimes, information comes up that you have little control over. The solution here is to build a set of content that reduces the number of times that information is displayed. The best way to do this is by creating new content and posting it so when Google crawls through the internet it finds new and updated content which is scored higher in its mathematical formulas determining what is returned in response to a search query.

Another thing to investigate are data brokers. These companies aggregate data across a number of sites and sell the results to their customers. Many of these items include basic demographics but can also include things you may not want others to see. Most of these sites offer ways to opt-out, but even once you do, you need to recheck periodically since they will often rebuild new profiles when newer data becomes available.

Finally, be proactive and recheck your results often. When dealing with
the internet, it can be easier to find a professional to work with to accomplish the goal for improving your online image. Status Labs is one of the companies that works with you to make sure your online presence reflects the image you want to portray. Based in Austin, TX and with offices in Sao Paulo and New York. Status Labs a professional staff to help with brand and reputation management.

Darius Fisher founded Status Labs after a successful career as a political
consultant and copywriter. He graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, with honors and has grown Status Labs to serving more than 1,500 international clients.