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The Kabbalah Centre has made headlines since it’s first location opened in 1984 because of the hidden form of the teachings being revealed by its teachers and its long list of celebrity students. The history of Kabbalah dates back to ancient times and was said to be first discovered by Adam before being handed on to Abraham and later to Moses; the scriptures detailing Kabbalah have remained largely hidden because of their complex and difficult nature. The Kabbalah Centre has found success through the work of three main Rabbi who set out to make this teaching as accessible as possible.


Rav Philip Berg is the head of the non-profit organization behind the Kabbalah Centre and works with his wife, Karen to continue to publish books and develop programs that make this ancient form of study as easy to interpret as possible. The work of Rav Berg began when he studied with Rav Yehuda Ashlag and his fellow student Rav Brandwein in the mid 20th cetnury and began to develop the work begun by Rav Ashlag in the 1920s. The global recognition the Kabbalah Centre now enjoys comes from the work of a group of international teachers who have brought the adaptation of Kabbalah’s teachings into the mainstream.


Kabbalah has always been seen as a complex and hidden area of the Jewish religion that only the most spiritual could explore with the aid of dedicated teachers; as this form of scripture was discovered across Europe and the Middle East between the 15th and 18th centuries Jewish elders discouraged its learning apart from for males aged over 40. The Kabbalah Centre has worked hard to break down the barriers that were built up around this religious teaching and allow all genders and age groups to explore its religious direction. Opening the doors of the Kabbalah Centre to all people and producing different books on the teachings has allowed the organization to bring this spiritual form of living to more people than ever before.

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The study of Kabbalah has always been seen as a mystery because of the many myths and stories that have grown up around the contents of these ancient scriptures; among the myths that have grown up around Kabbalah are stories of Holy men being driven insane by what they uncovered as the truth of the nature of the universe. The Kabbalah Centre has been changing the way we view these amazing teachings for almost a century since the forerunner of this group was created in the 1920s by a Rabbi intent on sharing the spiritual aspect of Kabbalah.


The Kabbalah Centre has created a new way of looking at these scriptures that are said to have initially been handed to Adam and passed down along the line of Jewish patriarchs that includes Abraham and Moses. Rabbi Philip Berg is often seen as the modern father of Kabbalah teachings as he was the first to attempt to make the theoretical study of the scripture known as Zohar a mainstream part of the spiritual community; Rabbi Berg and his wife, Karen, eventually opened their home to students and led the expansion of The Kabbalah Centre across the U.S. border into Canada.


The ideas represented by the teachers at The Kabbalah Centre have been interpreted to fit into the modern world we live in, and to allow students from every faith the chance to fit the teachings into their own belief system. Despite the modernization of the teachings under Rabbi Berg and his long line of predecessors many of the classical aspects of Judaism have been maintained to keep these scriptures in the tradition from which they have been passed on. The Kabbalah Centre encourages students to maintain a link to astrology as this was always one of the most important aspects of Judaism in history, and in the view of Kabbalah teachers should remain a major part of the latest versions of  Zohar being studied.