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The fantasy football season may seem to be a long way from beginning for many players who can only see the long summer months making changes to their Fantasy Alarm MLB lineup as this season begins to take shape. However, for NFL fantasy players who are looking to make a serious impact on their Fantasy Alarm day or season long league as quickly as possible should already be looking at which rookie’s they will draft in the coming season; the record breaking 2016 for Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott show the major impact a rookie can make on any fantasy league.


Deciding which rookies to draft as part of any fantasy team can seem like a daunting choice, but it can pay off to take a look at players who may not have been drafted in what are deemed skill positions; defensive end Myles Garrett could prove a powerful presence at the Cleveland Browns, while Washington looked to bring in a number of Alabama alumni headed by Jonathan Allen who should put up big numbers in the U.S. capital in 2017.


Any successful fantasy owner understands the need to bring in players with a proven history of success alongside others who are seen as a little more of a gamble. The temptation for many owners who only follow professional sports and have little knowledge of college football could be to draft the number one quarterback taken in the draft, the Chicago Bears Mitchell Trabisky. Instead, many experts believe taking a look at 2016 college football championship winning quarterback DeShaun Watson who was drafted in the first round by the Houston Texans; Watson could take the starting slot for the Texans and prove himself an asset for any fantasy team following the trade of Brock Osweiler to the Browns. Osweiler himself struggled last season, but the move to the Browns could see an upturn in his fortunes as a beefed up Cleveland defense in the 2017 draft could allow this much maligned franchise to win a few games in the coming season.