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It seems that life can be a cruel joke sometimes. Our physical prowess peaks in our 20s and we spend the rest of our lives on a slow decline. As we age, the risks of certain health conditions begin to increase. We must work even harder to take care of ourselves to avoid certain health problems.

One of the best motivating factors for taking care of ourselves out there is Life Line Screening. This group of medical professionals performs preventative healthcare by screening you for a variety of health problems. These screenings can detect certain diseases and conditions before they become a problem so that you can avoid discomfort, pain or even death.

Their stable screening is ultrasound. Ultrasound was originally developed in the 1940s to detect submerged submarines during World War II. Now the technology computer into your body to detect health conditions in their earliest stages.

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One of the health conditions that the ultrasound is astoundingly good at identifying is carotid artery disease. This terrible medical condition happens when fatty deposits build up in the carotid artery of your neck. This blockage can lead to decreased blood flow to the brain which increases your chance of stroke. Stroke is essentially a heart attack for the brain

It is incredibly important to identify carotid artery disease because it develops incredibly slowly. That means with a simple ultrasound from Life Line Screening, you can see this health condition developing and it’s very earliest stages. This can allow you to make lifestyle changes to reduce the fatty deposits in your artery and take medication. This may allow you to avoid a very invasive surgery where doctors open up your neck to remove the plaques in your artery. I would not wish that surgery on anybody, so I hope you take advantage of Life Line Screening.