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For many people the word success often comes with thoughts of extensive education. Fact is after years of expensive schooling success doesn’t always happen. In the book written by Marc Sparks titled They Can’t Eat You’, secrets of entrepreneurship are exposed.

This was achieved by a gentleman whom finished high school with a C+ grade point average. Having started, run, and sold many successful companies this information is vital to all that wish to succeed as well. Starting with nothing the American dream of Ôrags to riches can be achieved.

In his Facebook page, it depicts that this book holds not only Marc Spark’s stories but also information on how the reader can create their own successful road. These suggestions called Fifty Sparks help the reader to understand how to build a foundation which can lead them to their next venture. The following quote from Marc Sparks says it all, The point is to remember NOT to cut

corners on where you and your team spend most of their waking time as it truly can mean the difference between success and failure. Solid advice from a man who has been on the top, tumbled down then marched right back up that hill.

Founder, owner, and CEO of Timber Creek, Marc Sparks holds other titles as well. Some of these titles include author plus philanthropist. Some of his charitable works include Habitat for Humanity, Sparky’s Kids, and American Can!

These types of charities help families into homes that are desperately needed and donations of laptops to at-risk children. Currently Mr. Sparks is also involved with The Samaritan Inn.

With all this wealth of not only funding but also knowledge tucked under his belt many may wonder why he had decided to write his latest book.

In Marc’s own words the answer was given, I wrote the book to give back! Some of his biggest investments had come through cell phone companies such as Blue Jay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom LLC.

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