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Securus Technologies is one of the biggest providers of criminal and civil justice technology solutions. It has over 800 products suitable for aiding investigations, corrections, and public safety monitoring by law enforcement agencies or correction centers. Although Securus is based in Dallas, Texas, it serves over 3, 450 public safety, law enforcement agencies, and correctional centers that accommodate over 1.2 million inmates across North America. Securus makes the country a safer place to live by providing services such as investigation biometric analysis, communication options, information management, emergency response, disaster management, and in-mate self-service.

Richard A. (Rick Smith), the CEO of Securus Technologies made a big announcement about the introduction of John Bell as the senior Vice President of Sales to revamp the company’s sales team. Smith reiterated the need for forming a reliable and experienced software-based sales team that is often a key resource in marketing software related product sets. The company has invested over $600 million in developing various types of safety and security related products that need to be projected out to prospects and existing clients in a strategic manner. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Smith said that John Bell has 35 years of experience in creating evolving sales teams that are capable of driving exceptional performance and generating credible sales leads in various sectors. One of Bell’s biggest achievements that cement the foundation of his professional portfolio is working at IBM, which is one of the most competitive brands in the technology sector. Mr, John Bell graduated from Holy Cross and started working at the Wharton School of Business as postgraduate employee. He has worked in various technology-based companies such as IBM, Veizon, Verio, and Time Warner cable. Some of the objectives the company intends to achieve by hiring Mr. Bell include: to develop a reliable sales associate training program, present the company’s bundled product to a wider range of clientele, and reach out to the right decision makers in order to boost sales.

The positive feedback, through emails and letters that Securus technologies has been receiving is overwhelming. People have started appreciating the efforts of Rick Smith and his team in providing technological solutions that inspire hope and make incarceration a better alternative to leaving criminals out on the loose to commit crimes. Rick Smith claims that several service development proposals are being released weekly to enable the law enforcement agencies and correctional centers manage or curb the social problems that is grappling today’s society. The technological advancements witnessed in the recent past have boosted product development, making it easier to create even more sophisticated solutions than ever before. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

The largest provider of civil and criminal technological and communication solutions – Securus Technologies – has decided to advocate for integrity and honesty in the industry by exposing one of the players, Global Tel Link, of executing unauthorized activities while serving one of their client, Louisiana Department of Corrections.

According to the President of the company, Richard Smith, the Public Service Commission (PSC) had investigated GTL’s operations as they served Louisiana Department of Corrections. Global Tel Link deliberately inflated charges to the facilities’ customers by programming their telephones to rate calls higher than the default rates set by the Federal Communication Commission’s tariffs. They did this by adding at least 15 or 36 seconds to every call made to an inmate eventually overcharging them. They also engaged in a practice of billing a single call more than once and as a result, swindled the facility by an amount of $1.2 million.

The actions of GTL were downright offensive to the industry as they were against the aspects of integrity and honesty to clients. Every carrier in the industry is supposed to serve the customers with their interest at heart and not just focus on making money.

The move to expose GTL came after Securus had acquired an innovative technology company, JPay Inc., a start-up that introduced email, electronic payments and a host of educational and entertainment applications to the correctional segment. The acquisition was meant to thrust the company into developing virtually any software that correctional facilities required to operate prisons. It was also an opportunity to acquire new teams and products that would ease activities in the industry.

The company intends to continue its commitment to serving and connecting people by providing incident management, emergency responses, biometric analysis, information management and inmate self-service.

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According to Techcrunch, Shopping is getting a lot less complicated because of the amazing work done by people who run visual search software companies.

Slyce is the one that is making the most noise right now, and they are using an app they own called Pounce to help people find items they are shopping for. Slyce is an image recognition phenomenon that people are going to be able to use any time they are shopping and they can use a picture of anything to get a result.

The results that are offered by Slyce are so detailed that people will hardly be able to believe it. Slyce shows people what the picture is, where they can buy that exact item and where they can buy items that are just like it. People who use the app are going to be able to search for as many things as they want, and they are going to get hundreds of results for places where they can buy these things –

Someone who has no idea how they are going to find the thing that they are looking for is going to be able to use Slyce to find what they want, and they are going to get a lot of options that are a lot like that. That is going to help people get something that is close to what they want, or they can go for the real thing. This also helps people save money when they do not want to spend too much.

There are a lot of things that people can search for with a photo, and these items are going to be much easier for people to find because they get the results in one shot. Slyce is trying to narrow their technology, and they are even coming out with a universal scanner that is going to help people make sure that they find what they want, and it will scan anything using the camera on a mobile device. Read more: Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition

Slyce is updating technology for people who are trying to make shopping easier, and it is going to help people find the right item at the right price.  Just one picture will give people all the information they need when they are shopping online.

Coriant was formed in March 2013. On May 6th the same year, they became independent from Nokia Siemens Networks under Marlin Equity Partners. The company sells hardware and software for optical transmission in the backbone network of mobile network, voice and data. Their products are hiT 7300 for optical multiplexing DWDM over fiber optic cables, hiT 710 for electrical cross connection of optical paths and hiT 70xx for “multi service provisioning”. They also have software products for management and planning are TNMS for network management and Transnet or Transconnect for network planning.

Coriant recently tapped Shaygan Kheradpir, the former Juniper CEO and Verizon Veteran to become Coriant’s new CEO. He holds a Ph.D., masters and Bachelor’s in Engineering from Cornell University. Kheradpir has worked with the senior management team as operating partner at Marlin Equity partners earlier in 2015.

With 28 years of experience, the telecom industry veteran has already proven to be a leader who already has industry, business and operational experience. His expertise will be particularly useful as the demand for data-intensive end-user applications drives expanded market opportunities. This includes 100G to multiterabit metro and long haul transport deployments, cloud infrastructure build-outs and hyper-scale data centre. He will also deal with mobile backhaul upgrades underlying the evolution to 4G and 5G.

Coriant has proven to be a top supplier of innovative networking solutions to leading network operation in more than 100 countries. Their customers are 9 out of the top 10 rated global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers. They also provide services such as cloud providers, government agencies and enterprises. They have managed to serve as the resilient foundation for billions of dollars in end-user service revenue.

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