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Nashville is home to many amazing real estate projects. There does not seem to be an end to the intriguing and sweeping new developments consistently planned for the historic city. A major new development is in the works for the Brick Church Pike area. Panattoni Development has designs on building a new warehouse park on 44 acres in the region. This is not a small project in the least. The amount of money investing in the project is in the range of $1.93 million.

Skyline Distribution Park is the name given to the eventual three-building complex that will be the end result of all the work done on the project. Industrial parks are somewhat in demand in the Nashville region. Businesses do require office space. Even with the many changes in the local economy and the rise of internet based business, commercial office real estate is always going to have some level of demand. It seems that Nashville is not always able to meet such demands.

Of course, in order to provide commercial and industrial space to interested parties, there has to be someone interested in actually developing the project. This is where Panattoni Development stepped in and opted to contribute something very important to the city.

Industrial space definitely would appeal to someone such as Scott Lumley. Lumley has been enormously successful in his various entrepreneurial endeavors. Lumley has successful founded businesses that focus on consumer electronics, online auctions, and the sale of overstock merchandise. Professionals such as Lumley often do need office space to handle the exponential growth of their successful endeavors.

Lumley has even worked as in the rodeo industry and as a horse trainer. He seems to always be interested in succeeding in all the endeavors he becomes involved. Companies founded by people such as Scott Lumley has a tendency to grow. Growing companies are going to be interested in more office space. Perhaps Lumley will develop his own projects as he runs Resolve Financials, a real estate development company.

When Skyline Distribution Park nears completion, a host of entrepreneurs and business owners are sure to come calling. Nashville definitely would benefit economically from such activity as would the many customers these professionals serve.