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When you are in Napa Valley, you will be experiencing the wine country for all that it is worth. Since you will have ample opportunities to taste all different kinds of wines, make the most of your visit and drink all of them that you can. There are also other things that you can do while you are there. The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides have several places that they love to visit in the Napa Valley. Check them all out if you can:

Take Some Relaxing Moments And Enjoy The Auberge Spa

You will be treated to massages and baths. The Auberge Spa is just what you need when you want to ease your troubles and pains away.

The Robert Lewis Stevenson State Park

When you want to have a picnic, head on over to the Robert Lewis Stevenson State Park. You will have a lot of fun, and you will see a lot of great scenery. Take pictures of the area when you can.

A Napa Art Walk Is Fantastic

If you are one of the art types of people, you will love the Napa Art Walk. During this walk, you will be able to see a lot of great 3-D art.

The Napa Valley Historical Society

Do you want to learn more about the Napa Valley? Visit the Napa Valley Historical Society to learn about the people that lived there a long time ago. There will be all kinds of information that you can get your hands on there.

A Cooking Class Is For You Too

You can take a cooking class at the Silverado Cooking School. Imagine how you will be able to pair up the wines that will go fantastic with your dishes. You will be in the right area to find out.

You Might Be Interested In Finding Out More About The Traveling Vineyard

Since you will be in the area, you will be around various Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides. They will be giving out information as you make your way through the area.

The Traveling Vineyard Hires Wine Guides

If you are interested in working for Traveling Vineyard, you can become a Wine Guide. You will be able to set your own hours, and be your own boss. The great thing about it is you can work as many hours or as little as you want to.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Traveling Vineyard if you are interested in becoming a Wine Guide. You will have the support of a large group of people. Any questions that you might have will be answered as quickly as possible. This may be the job that you have been waiting for.

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Squaw Valley is a famous resort for skiing in North Tahoe. In the last few years, the region of Lake Tahoe has been hit by massive drought. The drought has significantly affected operations at Squaw Valley and other resorts in the area. The effects of the weather have been added to by the political battle to control the artistic Olympic Valley. The Olympic Valley is the location where Squaw Valley is situated.
According to a release by Reno Gazette-Journal, there is a reason to smile for the resorts in the region. The relief could come from both sides that are affecting them. During the revelation of the good news, Andy Wirth, who is the CEO and President of Squaw Valley, acknowledged the fact that the last four years had been hard for them.
In recent days storms have become regular. Temperatures in the region have also gone down to favored levels. This change has enabled Squaw Valley to open its services to clients earlier than they had expected.

Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

The political matters affecting the area also seem to be coming to an end. The people who were backing for Olympic Valley incorporation have formally withdrawn the quest. The efforts to Incorporate Olympic Valley had been considered a threat to the operations of their business.
Squaw Valley had put a lot of resources to fight the efforts to incorporate the region. The effects that were anticipated to arise include a rise in amounts charged in taxes on the businesses and residents. The level of services on offer would go down due to poor road management and snow clearing. Andy Wirth also said that they had expected the move to disengage the region from other communities in North Tahoe. He termed what would have happened in case the incorporation would cause a disaster.
Squaw Valley has laid down strategy to expand its real estate business by setting up more commercial and residential development. The company has also planned to build a gondola to connect Squaw Valley to its neighboring resort, Alpine Meadows. After the incorporation issue had settled, Wirth encouraged the people in the community to put effort on transport among other matters affecting the region.
Squaw Valley is not only a thriving resort. Squaw Valley tries to give back to the society as much as possible. The company has a program called Wounded Warrior that seeks to help war veterans acquire medical assistance among other benefits. The program was born when the CEO was involved in a life-threatening accident while skiing. The war veterans and their families when they come back home.
Andy Wirth has put in a lot of effort in moving Squaw Valley up the ladder. His vision is to establish the company into one of the best tourist destinations worldwide.