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Among the top industry leaders in the dental field is Dr. Chris Villanueva. He is the Dental Director, owner and Chief Executive Officer or MB2 Dental, a revolutionary new type of dental practice that is rapidly expanding throughout America.

Those who know Dr. Villanueva know that he is incredibly passionate not only about the practice of dentistry but about the new management model that MB2 Dental is bringing to the field. He has an incredible understanding not just of the medical side of dentistry, but the management side as well. This unique skillset made him the perfect choice to lead MB2 Dental. Although he runs the practice, he still finds time to meet patients, as they are always his first passion.

Growing up in Asia and South America, Dr. Villanueva has always prided himself on keeping his mind open to new things, new ideas and to take the road less traveled. When he took over MB2 Dental, he wanted it to be a practice unlike one any one has seen before. He believes firmly that when doctors have a take in the practice they work harder, invest more into patient care and overall provide a better working culture.

MB2 Dental is completely owned by the dentists that practice there, something only a handful of practices can say. There are 533 employees and over 70 affiliate locations throughout the United States. While the typical dental practice operates under traditional management styles, often leaving dentists and team members in a drab environment, MB2 dental prides itself on a fun and youthful management style. The company prides itself on being high energy and streamlining service for their patients.

The management at MB2, Including Dr. Villanueva, encourage their team to be innovators and to have autonomy over their work load. They strive to have a progressive company culture that focuses on patient results as a key metric of success, not just the bottom line of income.

The MB2 team frequently takes company field trips, including a trip to Cabo San Lucas and outdoor excursions like white water rafting. Overall, the strategy and inspiration Dr. Villanueva has brought to MB2 Dental is setting a new bar for how dental practices should operate. By striving for greatness in a doctor owned clinic, Dr. Villanueva is seeing key results. Doctors and team members are happier, leading to less staff turnover. New technologies are embraced with excitement rather than looked upon as challenges. Finally and most important, patients are happier!

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a renowned practitioner and founder of MB2 Dental. The good doctor founded MB2 Dental with the aim of promoting high-quality dentistry. Before starting his company, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva spent considerable time in corporate dentistry. He also worked as a sole-practitioner. This direct knowledge from the two sides of the industry gave him the adequate experience to start a successful company. Dr. Chris founded MB2 Dental after realizing that dental practitioners around the globe required specialized help. Since its launch, MB2 Dental has employed 533 employees. More importantly, it has helped practitioners from over seventy allied locations across six states. Its leadership is strong and works together to ensure the success of the firm.

When Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva was graduating from the university, options for dentists were limited to two. One could either start a private practice or become a member of a large group practice. He tried the two but later decided to create a model that incorporated ideas from the two sides, and MB2 was born. Dr. Chris considers himself a night owl. This is because he enjoys working at night when his four kids are asleep. The secret behind his great ideas is the way he surrounds himself with a team of creative, outspoken, and smart individuals. He stays productive and keeps his team productive by giving them enough space to realize their maximum potential. He is excited about technology and the role it plays in the dentistry industry. He is confident that great technological advances that will enhance patient experience are still to come.

The Future of Dentistry and the Role of MB2 Dental in Shattering Traditional Dentistry Stigma

Traditional dental practices are uninspired and drab, but MB2 Dental is working to change this narrative. The firm is focused on personal growth, support, autonomy, and more importantly, having fun together. It is dedicated to helping practices make the right improvements for the benefit of patients. It has put in place innovations geared to promote improved standards of operation leading to happier practitioners. The firm is proud of its progressiveness and being up-to-date with practice standards and trends. It has created a wonderful environment where dentists can interact, grow, and learn from one another.


The Future of Dentistry and How MB2 Dental is Shattering the Stigma of Traditional Dentistry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva – Founder of MB2 Dental

Eric Lefkofsky is someone who has made a great contribution to the field of oncology by being the co-founder of Tempus. The organization has proven to be extremely successful and is one which is on its way to providing a better course of treatment for patients who have been diagnosed with different kinds of cancer. The organization aims to provide doctors who are treating patients with the tools to be able to give them a better and more detailed diagnosis. One of the main things that the company does is provide doctors with a better form of data collection and storage. Even though there are thousands of people who are diagnosed with cancer in the United States, the way in which patients are handled is still rather outdated. With Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky plans to change that and bring more efficiency to give patients the best treatment for their condition.


Eric Lefkofsky has caused Tempus to be at the forefront of medical advancements. The company has also provided tools for doctors to be able to test their patients on a molecular level so that they can provide them with a course of treatment that works for them on a genetic level. There are currently very few companies in the world that provide doctors with this kind of technology, and those who have been able to provide it, like Tempus have become one of the biggest drivers of medical advancements.


Being someone who is extremely proficient with technology, Eric Lefkofsky decided that a good course of action for the company would be to code a software that takes doctor’s handwritten notes and turns them into digital records so that they can be stored more efficiently. This has also helped doctors, giving them the tools to stay organized and keep track of all their patients and their conditions.


Eric Lefkofsky has always been someone who believes in growth and development. He believes it to be one of the most important aspects of the company that he co-founded. He has big plans for the enterprise in the future and plans to take it one step further to help with the diagnoses of cancer on a larger scale.



NuoDB was founded in the year 2008 as a cloud database company. The company is based in Cambridge at Massachusetts.NuoDB was co-founded by Jim Starkey and Barry S. Morris. Barry S. Morris later became its CEO. NuoDB was listed as a niche player for ODMS”operational cloud Database Management System” in the year 2013. Gartner, in 2015 also listed the company as a visionary in the magic quadrant. NuoDB as a database management company ensures that information is sent to the cloud for its intended purpose. There are programs that send data to NuoDB that ensures there is compliance. It operates with three layers or rather tiers that include transactional, storage and administrative tiers. These layers ensure that NuoDb works freely while complying with cloud applications.

Data elements divided NuoDB into software by name atoms. It has been built around distributed caches that enhance elasticity. This ensures that there is safety while storing the data elements. It also applies a computer communication program that ensures regular communication that is sent using a program method.

NuoDB is a software that uses cloud database system to transmit data to the clouds by using small elements called atoms. The cloud database helps in cloud applications that ensure data is submitted freely and fast as opposed to other methods.

Even though Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, he is also the kind of person that is not afraid to look at himself in the mirror and look for ways to improve. That is a big trait for any CEO, which is a big reason why the company is in the position it is in after a tremendous 2016. Now in 2017, they are celebrating a decade as a company that specializes in video, voice, chat, and data. It all begins with Bob Reina, the former police officer with a heart of gold. Some of the stories that are online about him are truly touching and one of a kind. Learn more:


The thing that is likely to bring a tear to many people’s eyes is the fact that he made a donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society that was huge. In fact, it was so huge it was record-breaking. That is the impact that Bob Reina is looking to make on the world and the people in it. When he does something, he goes at it with one hundred and ten percent enthusiasm. He is big on preparation and doing the right thing as often as possible for the people out there that are counting on him. He looks at himself as a leader and he is confident but humble. Some might say that is hard to pull off, but just like most things, Bob Reina does it effortlessly. Learn more:


It is hard to ignore the fact this is an award-winning company as well. They won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. They also have free trials and the employees can give out Talk Fusion to a charity that is near and dear to their heart. There is always good with Talk Fusion, and they are all about spreading it to as many folks as they can reach. Learn more:


That is why Bob Reina is always smiling and always so happy. It is because he knows the mission he started back in 2007 is paying off in big way and changing people’s lives and impacting them, which is exactly what he wanted. Learn more:


      UKV PLC is becoming well known as being a wine merchant that people are going to be capable of depending on to provide them with quality products. There are several components that has contributing effects to whether a wine product can be considered as being high in quality. UKV PLC is one that you should truly be able to depend on to deliver high qualities of products on a consistent basis.

What is currently separating UKV PLC from other wine merchants is that they’re constantly striving to maintain a stance of operations in which they’re innovative, as opposed to being stagnant. Innovation is what is going to allow them to make progress in their stages of manufacturing. Without innovation, a wine merchant is going to be offering their customers the same types of products time after time. Innovation is going to enable them to provide better products time after time, as they’re conducting adequate amounts of researching to seek which ways they may be able to produce and deliver better wine products than they created on their previous trials of manufacturing.

There are certainly many different things that have contributing effects towards a wine product’s final state of being, in which it is bottled and ready to serve. One of the main stages of manufacturing is fermentation. If a company is not placing importance on fermentation, they may find themselves struggling to offer their customers a type of product that they may truly be able to enjoy. Fermentation is what can have effects of separating wine products that are low in quality from the ones that are considered to be high in quality. Speaking to a help desk agent will enable an individual to make the right purchase decision of a wine product that they will eventually end up truly enjoying due to its delicious taste and wonderful feeling that’s provided by it. The alcoholic content in a UKV PLC wine is just right.

Visit for more.




     If you are not necessarily sure what UKV PLC is and what it is currently providing its customer base, it is highly recommended for you to visit the website that it has up and running. The website has been created by its engineers and designers in a way that users will be able to navigate within it easily. It also has a section in which a visitor can get the details that they may need to contact customer service representatives.

UKV PLC does not necessarily try to match the production processes of other wine making companies, but instead, strives to implement innovative strategies of producing wine through its own trialed and tested methods and researching. It is important to note that they are a company that has been known to place a lot of importance on its fermentation process, thus, encouraging anyone who may want to invest in a high quality wine to choose UKV PLV as their number one choice.

Prior to a wine enthusiast investing in a wine product, it is highly recommended for them to know what a fermentation process entails. Proper fermentation consists of having the wine undergo a full process of having its sugars convert into alcohol. What many people fail to realize is that the wine products that they’d been investing in may not have undergone full fermentation processes. They may not have known that; however, it is highly possible that they have noticed a difference in the taste and feeling that particular wine product gave them, as opposed to one that they had known to be of high quality. You will know if a wine product is not of high quality by its watery taste, as the fruits that were utilized to make the product have not been equally spread within the liquid. Be sure to give UKV PLC a try when you have an opportunity of investing in it.

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A recent development has occurred for the industry of online reputation management. Google is changing its policy when it comes to removing pages of libel from the search results. In this case, things are going to be a little challenging for people who have an online presence. For one thing, news that is listed on the search results are going to stay on the search results. Therefore, people who are hit with an online crisis are likely to be haunted by it for a long time. While the majority of users don’t go past the front page of search results, there still are users that go beyond the front page.

One common issue that has occurred since September of 2016 is that many attorneys have issued court ordered removals of libelous content from the search results only to be denied. This is a change from around 2009 when Google has put up a policy for removing defamatory content. However, Google has not denied every request for removal, but there have been enough denials for it to be significant. One thing that is important to note is that search engines have been made exempt from liability for defamation.

The issue with this is that there are many entities online that will spread false information about any given person for any reason. The target of defamation does not have to do anything to trigger this. This is the reason that it is important to get online reputation management services. That way, one would be better prepared for any false information sent with intent of causing harm to the individual. Fortunately, the right tools make it easy to keep up with every mention of the individual or his company. It also makes it easier for him to bury the bad report with a ton of good news about the company.


Hippeas ChickpeasJones Knowles Ritchie (JKR), the global brand design agency, announces that HIPPEAS will be launched. HIPPEAS is a new range of organic production of delicious snacks. Jones Knowles Ritchie had a close involvement with the brand from the start. It has worked together with the brand’s stakeholders to develop a visual packaging and identity. It has also shaped its voice, personality, and tone of the brand world.

Livio Bisterzo, HIPPEAS’ founder, is an entrepreneur who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Green Park Brands. In 2015, Livio approached JKR with a product and name. They worked together to formulate a working vision for the new brand. These strategies have propelled the company to become one of the biggest challenges in the world of snacks. The brand has many listings worldwide with retail giants including Boots, Starbucks, Holland and Barrett, As Nature Intended, and WH Smiths. Because of the numerous meetings they had with JKR, they have grown to realize their dreams.

Chairman and co-founder JKR, Andy Knowles, said that they are working to develop the best design for the enterprise. They are currently working on the company’s brand and blog. For this reason, the company has all it takes to move forward business-wise. While they work with HIPPEAS, they also encourage them to partner with JKR to realize the greatest benefit of the company.

Livio Bisterzo said that HIPPEAS had acquired all it needs to become the next world-renowned snack brand. Therefore, they believe that this is the greatest opportunity to make this brand the one-of-a-kind category of snack manufacturers. They have created a proposition which is affordable, premium, and better for their highly-esteemed customers. They believe in a healthy world. The world where nutrition is valued.

The identity and name of HIPPEAS have a relationship with the modern hippie generation. This generation is seeking brands which satisfy the desire for product and taste. While they keep this in mind, HIPPEAS is committed to working towards achieving their clear commitment and social vision to global sustainability. The company has partnered with numerous philanthropic organizations in the world including Farm Africa. For every pack on sale, HIPPEAS gives back to the community by supporting the farmers from Eastern Africa.

JKR developed the brand as one of the most ambitious inspiration in the market. HIPPEAS (@hippeas_snacks) visual identity has embraced strike designs that cue to make it stand out on the shelf. The packet features the brand’s face.

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