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A craft beer is a beer that is traditionally brewed. In Canada, beer is the most popular drink. Craft beer has become more popular there over the years. Sales and consumption of craft beer continue to increase since 1995, even though no substantial progress is seen for the other beers. In the past, they used to be referred to as micro-breweries but that is no longer the case as there are now big breweries brewing the craft beer.

Below are some of the Canadian craft beer types:



  • Blonde Lager: This is light and easy to drink as it has moderate malt and bitterness. It is created to somehow give the feeling of the normal malt beers, as it was intended to be the turning point of people from the usual beer to craft beer.



  • Amber Lager: This craft beer is rich in color and has a hint of caramel or toasty character. Its bitterness is dependent on the brewery and customer preference. It can have low or medium-high bitterness.



  • Dark Lager: This craft beer has roasted flavors with hints of chocolate or caramel flavors. Its bitterness is low and most have to have mild alcohol content.



  • Craft Porter: It has a rich roasted and nourishing malt character. It is made from brown malt and is rich in taste with a just a small hint of sweetness.



  • Craft Stout: This is a darker, more roasted and more bitter than the craft porter. It is also drier in character than the porter.



Eli Gershkovitch is a lawyer who has been in the craft beer industry for more than two decades. Eli Gershkovitch acknowledges that the craft beer industry is rapidly growing and there is a lot of demand that still needs to be met. Eli Gershkovitch works in Canada at the Steamworks Group of Companies as the CEO.



Steamworks is one of the companies that focuses on provision of craft beer in Canada and Internationally. It started as a small brew pub but it is now a renowned brewery. Eli Gershkovitch through Steamworks started by providing beer that was made on site, before embarking to bottled beer in 2003 (Twitter). Eli Gershkovitch has transitioned Steamworks from a local beer pub to a renowned brewery. The transition of Steamworks is proof that Eli Gershkovitch was focused on building something tangible.

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