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The right-wing anti-Chuvistas have been looking to oust Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro well before the country sank into economic peril.
In a strange turn of events reported by Aserne, the head of the supervising commission overseeing the recall referendum announced that 190,000 of the 1.85 million signatures collected were from deceased residents.

Maduro advocates are crying foul. Head of the United Social Party, Jorge Rodriquez, also a Maduro apointee, says the submission of the fake signatures is a coup by the right-wing who will do anything to get Maduro out of office.

In an interview with TeleSUR, constitutional jurist Manuel Gonzalez says in light of the recent events, the right-wing opposition will have a very difficult time holding the referendum. “The perceived improprieties have damaged the system.”

The process leading up to the referendum takes nearly six months. This means that early January 2017 is earliest a recall can be launched. “If a complaint is filed, the process could be pushed back even further.

Diaz went on to say that anyone, as long as they are a registered voter, can file a complaint over the irregularities.