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Someone has been continuously trying to warn and caution everyone about one of the most serious threats to the health of all people for six months. For over six months the State Health Sec. Dr.Sergio Cortes has been gearing up for what has now become a major health threat. First in his State of Bahia, then in northern and eastern Brazil and now at least 24 countries have declared an emergency health situation related to the Zika virus. The virus is spreading throughout most of South America and Central America and has now been detected in Mexico and many Caribbean countries as well as several states of the United States of America.

State Sec. of Health Dr. Sergio Cortes says that this situation has been compounded by torrential rain forced, flooding that has created pools of contaminated water and free standing stagnant water that can be a breeding ground for the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Dr. Cortes explains the Aedes aegypti mosquito is the main carrier of Zika virus. Dr. Cortes and his evaluation team are currently touring the flooded areas and have set up seven (7) emergency shelters that will also include 12 hydration stations and will have the ability of serving up to 300 affected people each and everyday. Part of Sec. Sergio Cortes’ plans is to provide training for the workers at the seven shelters so that they can help in early detection of fever. One thing that can be said about the Brazilian Ministry of health is that they have long been extremely effective at early detection of symptoms of Dengue, Chikungunya and hopefully soon standardized early detection techniques for the Zika virus. The point in early detection is to be able to immediately pursue rapid adoption of febrile syndrome protocol. This helps contain the widespread transmission of these contagions.

Another phase of State Sec. of Health Dr. Sergio Cortes of seriocortesofficial plan is to take an active approach on controlling the mosquito population in the area. The Brazilian government has dispatched over 200,000 troops throughout the entire nation to help out this health crisis in fighting this health crisis. Interviewed in Extra.Global last week Dr. Cortes explained on crunchbase how the state government has arranged to distribute 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to the local residents and volunteers to help decontaminate waters that may become some of these mosquito’s breeding grounds.

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