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Working as an entrepreneur can be a terrifying task. You have to find ways to make yourself successful by following your intuition, your education, and the opportunities that present themselves to you. Chris Burch, the founder of Burch Creative Capital, has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry thanks to his varied approach to investing and his impossible-to-beat work ethic. Chris Burch has had a number of high-profile success stories over the past five years which include collaboration with Ellen DeGeneres and the acquisition and subsequent reformation of a luxury resort located in the South Pacific. With these kinds of successes behind him, future entrepreneurs would serve themselves well to pay attention to what he has to say about the industry. We’re going to bypass much discussion on his specific projects in lieu of the wisdom that he has to offer up-and-coming entrepreneurs, source (


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If you were to ask Chris Burch what his major key to success as an entrepreneur was, he’d keep his answer short. Burch would hear your question and respond simply, “It all starts with people.” For Chris Burch, and pretty much every other successful entrepreneur in the industry, work only succeeds when the right people come together in order to make it happen. Burch believes that passionate, energetic and hardworking individuals are the true keys to success in the industry, based on

Of the people that Burch has worked with, he cites Ellen DeGeneres as a true inspiration. He says that she is ‘unique’ in her ability to turn her thoughts, words, and feelings into an actionable impact on her audience. Burch goes on to say that he loves the way that Steve Ross, a real estate developer, works as well because of his fire and passion for details. These two figures, along with Burch himself, probably exemplify the modern entrepreneur.

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