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Clay Hutson holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Technical Production from the Central Michigan University. Besides, he is a graduate of the University of Michigan, School of Business, having a Master of Business Administration. Hutson hails from Nashville, Tennessee and has had much interest in music since his tender age.


From 1999, he held the position of production manager for Getagrip. Besides, from 2001, he was the vice president of production for Ronin Event Creative. Hutson has been Kanye West’s stage manager as well as Prince and Jennifer Nettles’ production manager.


Clay Hutson has been part of Billy Graham’s travelling circuit. He gathered vast experience from all these roles but has the most passion for rock and roll. Currently, he has dedicated his life to being a designer, producer, and manager of various live tours. Having spent much time in the music industry opened his doors to work with big stars like Garbage, Guns N’ Roses together with Kid Rock.


Clay is unique in the music business industry. One of his considerations in an artist is focused on thoughts and feelings. Besides, he values his audience by providing something beautiful with each performance. He works hard to make the impossible happen.


Clay Hutson’s inspiration to start his own production management company is the invaluable knowledge gained from working with tour production and live entertainment. He employs his experience from the past companies and people he has worked with.


Hutson has a habit of getting up early to reach an event before everyone else. It is by this that he studies the day’s schedule, creates a backup plan as well as planning the role of individuals on his team. He does this to attain the highest productivity level.


Concerning the actualization of his ideas, experience as well as the image he creates in mind, plays a crucial role. Hutson is much excited about technological trends happening in the music industry. As an entrepreneur, his success originates from always working three steps ahead of the current happenings.


To young entrepreneurs in the sector, Hutson encourages them to be honest to themselves together with others and have value for their family. He encourages working with people who also pose a challenge to his work in creativity and not just following procedures.


Currently, Clay Hutson is the manager of Hasley’s “Hopeless Foundation Kingdom” tour where the talented pop star is travelling across the globe to arenas and amphitheaters. Learn more:


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