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Clay Siegall, a successful scientist, businessman and philosopher has recently tried his hand at blogging. His blog, aptly titled the “Clay Siegall – Official Blog” is a collection of any topics of interest to Siegall, curated daily. Many of these articles are links to studies and analyses of hot-button issues. Just as often they describe hot takes and updates in the sports world; Siegall has an affinity for football. The blog is only limited by the interests of Siegall, and as such has a varied array of topics discussed.

The blog has been especially active as of late. Just recently articles have been posted with topics relating to several different areas. With the Super Bowl just on the horizon, Football seems to be the most popular topic. One article describes Super Bowl LII predictions made by professional analyst Bill Barnwell. Another describes the state of Steelers LB Ryan Haziers condition after his most recent injury. Lastly, a similar article disccuses Emmit Smith’s claims regfarding Jason Garret’s future with the Cowboys. For fans of American sports or groundbreaking scientific discoveries, Clay Siegall’s blog might just be the perfect place to spend your free time.

There is much more to Clay Siegall than his blog, however. Siegall’s professional life and numerous successes also deserve discussion.

Clay Siegall is the renown CEO of Seattle Genetics, a leader in biotechnology. Founded and cultivated by Siegall, the company has done enormous amounts of good since its inception in 1998. Siegall is a career scientist himself, having spent the majority of his adult life in fields pertaining to biology. Originally from Bothell, Washington, Siegall graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelor of Science with a focus in biology. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Siegall went on to receive a Ph.D. from George Washington University in philosophy. With so many years spent studying the sciences and human nature, it is small wonder how Siegall became such an undisbuted success. Seattle Genetics continues to grow in both research endeavors and capital returns.

The future is looking bright for Clay Siegall and his ventures; Let’s just hope his team fairs as well at the Super Bowl!

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