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Cotemar is a Mexican oil & gas company that operates 100% inside of Mexico. They offer services in offshore oil fields development, maintenance and construction to other petroleum companies. They also provided catering and accommodation to workers on offshore oil rigs. They also have vessels that provide transportation for workers and construction materials.

The logistics portion of Cotemar operates under the name Apoyo Logistico Marino. The company has a specialized fleet of brand new, modernized boats. They have small tugboats and barges for specialized needs. They have large boats for the transportation of materials. They also have boats for emergencies like oil spills and fires.

Cotemar’s catering and accommodation portion of the company is named Cocinas del Mar. Workers provide food, wash clothing and clean common areas and bedrooms. There are gymnasiums, basketball courts, lounges with television and cinemas in their compounds. The company currently provides over 14,000 meals per day that serves 4,000 employees. The well being of the workers are essential since they work long, hard hours. Cotemar have a hotel in Ciudad del Carmen for workers when they are back on shore. The cooks follow strict, high quality safety and hygiene standards when preparing food.

Under the subsidiary SIPSA, Cotemar provide their construction and oil platform maintenance services. Their employees are professionally trained in welding through their simulation programs. They provide services for both offshore oil platforms as well as onshore installments.

Cotemar takes safety of the environment very seriously. They use modern technology to greatly reduce the environment affect of their operations. They safely dispose of their broken electronics with Recicla Electrónicos México.

Recently, Cotemar contracted with AeroScout to place Wi-Fi RFID chips on workers. The point of this is to keep track of all workers in the event they go missing. This technology will also make sure that there are no unauthorized personnel in their facilities.

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