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Eric Lefkofsky is someone who has made a great contribution to the field of oncology by being the co-founder of Tempus. The organization has proven to be extremely successful and is one which is on its way to providing a better course of treatment for patients who have been diagnosed with different kinds of cancer. The organization aims to provide doctors who are treating patients with the tools to be able to give them a better and more detailed diagnosis. One of the main things that the company does is provide doctors with a better form of data collection and storage. Even though there are thousands of people who are diagnosed with cancer in the United States, the way in which patients are handled is still rather outdated. With Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky plans to change that and bring more efficiency to give patients the best treatment for their condition.


Eric Lefkofsky has caused Tempus to be at the forefront of medical advancements. The company has also provided tools for doctors to be able to test their patients on a molecular level so that they can provide them with a course of treatment that works for them on a genetic level. There are currently very few companies in the world that provide doctors with this kind of technology, and those who have been able to provide it, like Tempus have become one of the biggest drivers of medical advancements.


Being someone who is extremely proficient with technology, Eric Lefkofsky decided that a good course of action for the company would be to code a software that takes doctor’s handwritten notes and turns them into digital records so that they can be stored more efficiently. This has also helped doctors, giving them the tools to stay organized and keep track of all their patients and their conditions.


Eric Lefkofsky has always been someone who believes in growth and development. He believes it to be one of the most important aspects of the company that he co-founded. He has big plans for the enterprise in the future and plans to take it one step further to help with the diagnoses of cancer on a larger scale.



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