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We all want to have a reliable savings plan for retirement. A good retirement plan will enable one maintain their lifestyle years after retirement. Most of the working population is relying on savings from their salary as their plan for retirement. The Social Security Fund is also a widely used cushion for retirement. These plans could work to help many survive after leaving work, but they do not guarantee more. In families where both spouses are earning, the average earnings per year are less than $3000. This is why one needs an investment plan such as freedom checks.

What are freedom checks?

Freedom checks is an investment plan that enables one to earn returns that are above average. Banyan Hill’s senior analyst Matt Badiali established the plan. Badiali’s plan takes advantage of a 1987 tax code passed by the Congress. This involves investing in companies that are legally not taxable. These companies’ operations deal with the use of internal natural resources. Investors who put their cash in these companies enjoy high returns due to the absence of tax costs.

For companies to qualify, they must earn more than 90% revenue in their business activities. The activities must involve the country’s natural resources. To enjoy the freedom checks, one needs to invest in companies that fall under Statute 26-F tax. This clause specifies all the requirements for companies to merit tax breaks. Such companies need big capital to keep their operations running. Public investments are crucial for their operations. The US government offers them incentives for utilizing internal resources for the benefit of citizens. These incentives pass on to the investor in form of high returns.

There are extra requirements for companies to qualify for tax exemption. These include giving away part of their earnings to a federal program. Additionally, the companies should organize themselves as Master Limited Opportunities (MLP’s). MLP’s are partnerships that can trade their shares to the public. If one has as little as $10, they can invest in freedom checks and earn huge yearly returns. Huge returns equal a speedier and more prosperous retirement.

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