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Equifax recently suffered a severe digital blow to their information system. In as little as two hours, hackers were able to steal personal information from millions of people. This information included credit scores, social security numbers, birth dates, and more. Since this happened, Equifax has boosted up their digital security. Within the last 72 hours, Equifax hired several new staff members to assist with their digital protection program.

Equifax has also recently addressed the general public. They have put forth a list of all the who were affected by this devastation. Equifax is urging all people to look over the list to make sure their name is not on the list. If a person’s name is on the list, once their identity is confirmed, Equifax will do all they can to protect this individual and make sure their personal information is not being used by strangers.

Another way people can protect themselves is by joining Freedom Debt Relief. The Freedom Debt Relief organization helps people get out of debt for a fraction of the cost. However, this organization offers lots of benefits, too. For example, professionals check the credit and personal information of every client. This is to ensure every client that no one is using their personal information either on or offline. Click here to know more.

Another great benefit is the free teachings Freedom Debt Relief company gives to their clients. These teachings show clients how to be more cautious when entering their personal information online. These teachings also show clients how to be sure their credit is not being faltered with by strangers. Millions of people have reported achieving financial freedom with the help of this organization. Many of these individuals have left a review on the main web page of the organization. New positive reviews are written on a daily basis.

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