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Red Cross is an international humanitarian not-for-profit organization that offers disaster relief during crisis moments. They along with other organization provide the immediate response to emergency issues where people are in dire need for rescue, food, shelter, clothing, and medical aid among other things regardless of whether the cause of the occurrence is natural or otherwise. This means that they require a lot of valuable inputs. Herbalife Nutrition has just announced that it will take part in support of the American Red Cross through the provision of Herbalife Protein Deluxe Bars.

This project is valued to cost Herbalife approximately half a million dollars. This is the fourth year the company has extended such enormous contributions. The deluxe protein bars are a nutritional snack given to blood donors after giving out blood. These products help in the provision of body energy and strength that the donor may have lost while giving out blood.

The nutrition potent established in this products has shown that it is a balance and healthy snack to partake. Each bar contains 10 grams of carbohydrates, 10 grams of quality protein, Riboflavin which is Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, essential minerals, elements and added chocolate flavors. The most significant aspect is the high potent of iron in the bar which is useful in blood building. Elsewhere it can also be used by people during a workout or any vigorous activity or training.

Herbalife Nutrition in conjunction with the American Red Cross has successfully conducted more than 50 blood drives around the United States. One blood center is at the HQ based in Los Angeles, another in Winston Salem – North Carolina, Lake Forest – California, Carson California and many other locations. Herbalife Nutrition has a mobile van that has helped the pact conduct the blood drives. About 25,000 lives have been saved through this joint effort. More than this, Herbalife has audibly encouraged all its stakeholder to donate blood from the blood centers nearest to them.

About Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife is an international company on a mission to make people lead better and healthier lives through proper administration of dietary plans and supplements. It manufactures and produces high-quality nutritional products with the parallel certification and approval for human application. The company has diverse products for weight-loss management, energy, nutrition, personal care, and fitness. It recently engaged in an agreement with IMPACT Basketball Center, a move that will help layers get customized nutritional and dietary plans from their training facilities.



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