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Arizona-based entrepreneur Jason Hope is a longtime advocate of anti-aging biotechnology and has made his several contributions over the years to the SENS Research Foundation. SENS hosts the yearly Research Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference which showcases experts in the scientific field. Experts share their knowledge amongst themselves and discuss how anti-aging biotechnology can be used in the development of treatments and cures for diseases that cause molecular and cellular damage like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. As a non profit organization, SENS is supported mainly through private support from investors, researchers, and scientists.

Jason Hope’s most recent $500,000 donation to the SENS Research Foundation was used in combination with other contributions to start new research programs and helped to construct the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. Jason Hope mentioned that he was glad to donate to the foundation as it made innovative strides in the field of anti-aging. The SENS Research Foundation concentrates on developing treatments and finding cures for diseases that impact the human body and cause it to age faster than it would normally. Degenerative diseases like lung cancer and Alzheimer’s don’t just affect one part of the body they lead to early deterioration of the human body.

The SENS Research Foundation AGE-breaker Program has been working for the past two decades to develop a drug or a treatment that would break down advanced glycation end products known as AGES. The metabolic wastes that accumulate in the human body and then leads to degenerative diseases are known as AGES. AGES affect people when they are older and lead to diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and osteoporosis. Research results were disappointing and yielded no results until scientists realized that animal research subjects were too different from humans. With the identification of the human AGE glucosepane, scientists are able to move forward with research efforts. The discovery of glucosepane proves that Jason Hope’s belief in anti aging research is not unfounded.

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