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An attack doesn’t have to be violent or even physical to effect an entire nation’s economy. In fact, it could just be a whispered word.

Wikipedia indicates Kyle Bass used to work as an executive to Bear-Stearns. Sometime between his ceasing to work in capacity as an executive at Bear-Stearns, and that fateful interview on CSPAN March 12th, 2008, Bass let slip information which may have been the inciting incident in the 2008 stock market crash. Kyle Bass gave a journalist at CSPAN information which indicated Bear-Stearns was no longer in good standing with Goldman-Sachs. This information prompted the reporter to ask a leading question on live TV. He intimated that Goldman-Sachs had lost confidence in Bear-Stearns as a financial institution, and pushed the executive from Bear-Stearns to respond. At that very moment, Goldman-Sachs was issuing an e-mail nullifying whatever datum Bass had reported on. It was too late, though. All confidence throughout Wall Street was lost in Bear-Stearns, and the bank was absorbed by J.P. Morgan Chase by the end of the week. Bass went on to predict the entire sub-prime lending industry would end up collapsing the stock market; and he was right–but considering his involvement in Bear-Stearns’ collapse, it’s sort of a suspect prediction. It’s almost like Kyle Bass turned a hose on in the basement, then ran upstairs and said: “The basement’s flooding! The basement’s flooding!”.

This isn’t Bass’ first foray into underhanded financial politicking, however. This often decimates their stock value, and Bass is there to short-sell his holdings at the right time and skip off with millions. Bass has done variations on this scam numerous times, and none of it makes sense until one understands a bit about Bass’ history.

Kyle Bass is from Argentina, though he runs his hedge fund out of Texas. Bass is very closely tied to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of Argentina. Whenever Bass makes money, it is usually at the expense of a big-ticket organization. This is the kind of activity one would expect from a socialist working to undermine a capitalist economy for the purpose of facilitating a global socialist rule. It wouldn’t seem that way, except that Bass doesn’t criticize de Kirchner, and she’s financially defaulted the country twice in only thirteen years.  The full story is on

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