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LimeCrime is a unique cosmetic company committed to offering you the best products without animal products or cruelty with their vegan line of products.

While many other companies might claim to be vegan-friendly, Lime Crime has certification from PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program. This certification can bring animal-lovers such as Doe Deere herself peace of mind about not abusing animals for their beauty products.

Besides being a unique vegan make up and cosmetic line, Lime Crime is also popular among generation Z for its product Unicorn Hair. This hair product allows customers to give their hair a conditioning treatment while adding a kick of color to their hair. This product is guaranteed to be damage-free and is only semi-permanent. The various colors wash out and fade gradually without any strange coloring happening in the process, but allowing customers to experiment with vibrant colors.

This hair product has found popularity on Instagram and Twitter with #LIMECRIME. The bright colored hair allows creativity and boldness for hair and Lime Crime also offers the same bright colored make up palettes to compliment them.

The recent release of the Venus XL Palette has created excitement among many make up fanatics. This new palette offers 18 long-wearing eye shadows with various high pigmented shades of pink, reds, and bronze.

The high pigmented colors can be found in all Lime Crime make up products. The founder, Doe Deere, originally created the company to offer the make up world bright and bold colors previously not found in stores. Bright colored or sparkly lip toppers can be found at Lime Crime. Often referred to as “Diamond Crushers” offers the bold color with the bright sparkles. This product isn’t just limited to the lips, but can be applied anywhere. The various colors are guaranteed to last long and stand out among the crowd.

LimeCrime continues to grow as its vegan cosmetics and dazzling colors find popularity in the world of make up.

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