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Hippeas ChickpeasJones Knowles Ritchie (JKR), the global brand design agency, announces that HIPPEAS will be launched. HIPPEAS is a new range of organic production of delicious snacks. Jones Knowles Ritchie had a close involvement with the brand from the start. It has worked together with the brand’s stakeholders to develop a visual packaging and identity. It has also shaped its voice, personality, and tone of the brand world.

Livio Bisterzo, HIPPEAS’ founder, is an entrepreneur who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Green Park Brands. In 2015, Livio approached JKR with a product and name. They worked together to formulate a working vision for the new brand. These strategies have propelled the company to become one of the biggest challenges in the world of snacks. The brand has many listings worldwide with retail giants including Boots, Starbucks, Holland and Barrett, As Nature Intended, and WH Smiths. Because of the numerous meetings they had with JKR, they have grown to realize their dreams.

Chairman and co-founder JKR, Andy Knowles, said that they are working to develop the best design for the enterprise. They are currently working on the company’s brand and blog. For this reason, the company has all it takes to move forward business-wise. While they work with HIPPEAS, they also encourage them to partner with JKR to realize the greatest benefit of the company.

Livio Bisterzo said that HIPPEAS had acquired all it needs to become the next world-renowned snack brand. Therefore, they believe that this is the greatest opportunity to make this brand the one-of-a-kind category of snack manufacturers. They have created a proposition which is affordable, premium, and better for their highly-esteemed customers. They believe in a healthy world. The world where nutrition is valued.

The identity and name of HIPPEAS have a relationship with the modern hippie generation. This generation is seeking brands which satisfy the desire for product and taste. While they keep this in mind, HIPPEAS is committed to working towards achieving their clear commitment and social vision to global sustainability. The company has partnered with numerous philanthropic organizations in the world including Farm Africa. For every pack on sale, HIPPEAS gives back to the community by supporting the farmers from Eastern Africa.

JKR developed the brand as one of the most ambitious inspiration in the market. HIPPEAS (@hippeas_snacks) visual identity has embraced strike designs that cue to make it stand out on the shelf. The packet features the brand’s face.

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