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Malcolm CasSelle is a man that has managed to create a path for himself and the world of digital technology. The manner in which he has created this path is not that, unlike an individual who is creating the life that they want to live. Malcolm CasSelle first decided to enter the world of digital technology by pursuing a formal education. He was accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he began to pursue the educational requirements to receive a bachelors degree in computer science. After completing the requirements for his bachelor’s degree in computer science, he was able to graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he decided that he would like to pursue further education and applied to Stanford University. Stanford University accepted Malcolm CasSelle. After being accepted by Stanford University Malcolm CasSelle decided to continue pursuing his education and began to take graduate classes in computer science. He was able to complete the requirements and graduate with a Masters degree in computer science from Stanford University.

By the time he had finished his formal education, he was ready to take on the world of digital technology, and he has since gone on to create quite a reputation for himself by assisting numerous digital technology companies during their startup phases. The startup phases of digital technology companies as part of the most crucial phase that a company can have. It is during this time that it will be decided whether the company will be successful or not. Malcolm CasSelle has been able to ensure that a number of companies have experienced success as a result of the help that he has lent to them. He is able to display a level of leadership and technological prowess that is seldom seen in individuals.

He has most recently launched his own company that is known as worldwide asset exchange. This company utilizes the thing technology that powers the popular cryptocurrency bitcoin. This technology is known as the blockchain. This technology will allow digital transactions to become decentralized. This should eliminate numerous issues that have been plaguing virtual transactions for years.


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