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Certain individuals radiate approachability and success, which are attributes shared by serial entrepreneur, Marc Sparks. The Austin, Texas native graduated from high school in 1975 and wasted no time in being a major part in start-up businesses. His humble personality allows him to appreciate his triumphs while concurrently admitting to his failures, and this very trait is both commendable and is the biggest reason why Sparks is so intriguing and truly the man of the century.

Marc is a man of faith, something that allows his humble characteristic to shine through each day. When asked how he has been so successful in his life, he often responds with a simple answer that expresses his gratitude for God. Having had never attended college, the entrepreneur further strains the importance of God in his life and how he would have been unable to achieve anything without his grace. With a belief that the challenging and the impossible is conquerable with the right state of mind and a little bit of faith, Sparks has sparked genius across the country with countless innovations and businesses.

Though Sparks could never actually grow tired of his line of work, he does enjoy switching up his affairs a bit to keep his mind sharp. Once he mastered his victories and studied why he has succeeded and failed plenty over the past four decades, he determined that it was time to write a book. “They Can’t Eat You” was enjoyable for Sparks to craft, but he admits that it was also quite painful as it discussed his failures in life. Admitting that readers will be surprised to read of such a mogul’s downfalls, Sparks welcomes feedback at every opportunity and urges people to read his book to gain some insight and to provide him with honest criticism. With so many projects under his belt, it is miraculous that this entrepreneur has one iota of free time, but he ensures that he does for some causes.

It is always refreshing when an affluent man is also quite giving by possessing strong philanthropic qualities. Not only does Marc donate to charities and start his own, but he has done charitable, hands-on projects, including his work for Habitat for Humanity. He has created his own charity, Sparky’s Kids, which provides at-risk youth with new computers in the hopes of providing them with a necessary education. His new business, Spark Tank, is also philanthropic at best.

Spark Tank is a company that allows average people to present an idea by answering the question: What can this do to improve the world? Once applying online, the race is on as these people must present their ideas. A friendly competition ensues and Marc happily provides the winner with start up fees, advice, and support. Marc Sparks is an individual who should influence everybody. He is kind, generous, and fascinatingly humble. Sparks is a difficult personality to come by, but when you do, it is salient to pay attention to the manner you operate your own life.

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