MB2 Dental and CEO Dr. Villanueva are Shaking up the Dental Industry

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Among the top industry leaders in the dental field is Dr. Chris Villanueva. He is the Dental Director, owner and Chief Executive Officer or MB2 Dental, a revolutionary new type of dental practice that is rapidly expanding throughout America.

Those who know Dr. Villanueva know that he is incredibly passionate not only about the practice of dentistry but about the new management model that MB2 Dental is bringing to the field. He has an incredible understanding not just of the medical side of dentistry, but the management side as well. This unique skillset made him the perfect choice to lead MB2 Dental. Although he runs the practice, he still finds time to meet patients, as they are always his first passion.

Growing up in Asia and South America, Dr. Villanueva has always prided himself on keeping his mind open to new things, new ideas and to take the road less traveled. When he took over MB2 Dental, he wanted it to be a practice unlike one any one has seen before. He believes firmly that when doctors have a take in the practice they work harder, invest more into patient care and overall provide a better working culture.

MB2 Dental is completely owned by the dentists that practice there, something only a handful of practices can say. There are 533 employees and over 70 affiliate locations throughout the United States. While the typical dental practice operates under traditional management styles, often leaving dentists and team members in a drab environment, MB2 dental prides itself on a fun and youthful management style. The company prides itself on being high energy and streamlining service for their patients.

The management at MB2, Including Dr. Villanueva, encourage their team to be innovators and to have autonomy over their work load. They strive to have a progressive company culture that focuses on patient results as a key metric of success, not just the bottom line of income.

The MB2 team frequently takes company field trips, including a trip to Cabo San Lucas and outdoor excursions like white water rafting. Overall, the strategy and inspiration Dr. Villanueva has brought to MB2 Dental is setting a new bar for how dental practices should operate. By striving for greatness in a doctor owned clinic, Dr. Villanueva is seeing key results. Doctors and team members are happier, leading to less staff turnover. New technologies are embraced with excitement rather than looked upon as challenges. Finally and most important, patients are happier!

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