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Michael Zomber has established himself as a well known weapons historian, writer and filmmaker. Over a span of forty years, Michael has collected weapons from the Civil War era and swords from the Japanese samurai era. By studying these weapons he has been able to acquire a lot of knowledge about the weapons as well as the many armed conflicts that took place during these historical time periods. With his knowledge he has been featured on the History Channel to talk about these weapons and how effective they were in combat situations. He has also used his knowledge of the weapons to make a number of stories and films. Therefore Michael Zomber has provided others with not only knowledge of the weapons from these historical time periods but also ways to entertain them as well.

With his extensive knowledge of samurai swords and guns from the American Civil War, Michael has been able to share his knowledge with various media outlets. The most well known media source he has shared his knowledge with is the History Channel. On the History Channel Zomber has talked about his hobby of collecting weapons, studying them and also his knowledge of them. He has talked about how these weapons were used, their effectiveness in battle and also what key battles they were used in. This gives viewers an in depth perspective of these unique weapons and their significance in the armed conflicts that took place during these historical time periods.

Along with talking about his knowledge in the media, Michael has also made a number of stories about these two unique time periods in history. Zomber has written a number of screenplays which were later made into films. These screenplays portray the Civil War and Japanese samurai eras which give viewers a very vivid perspective of events that occurred in these time periods. As well as writing screenplays and making films, Michael has written novels about these eras which also give people a lot of valuable insight into the conflicts and lifestyle of these two historical eras. The combination of appearances on television, films, and novels have provided people with a very in depth look into the unique aspects of these two periods of history.