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Our current investment has become so much unpredictable especially due to the rampantly changing market. Any time a market tsunami wave can hit you anytime and reduce your investment to nil. That’s why every serious investor is adequately bracing themselves with investment information from financial experts like Richard Dwayne Blair so that they will sail safely the stormy market forces.

The renowned financial expert and the Founder of Wealth Solutions, Mr. Richard Dwayne Blair explains his approach and the realistic approach that Wealth Solutions uses when it comes to Financial Planning. These are the approaches that everyone needs to pursue and achieve the financial visions and goals. This expert has an aim of arming his community within Austin, Texas, with retirement plans and wealth management guidelines to enable them to see clearly their financial roadmap for reaching various milestones in their life.

In developing a comprehensive financial plan, Richard Dwayne Blair uses three major pillars that help him merge and match the current financial state of his client and their retirement needs.

#Pillar One: Laying the Financial Route of the Client

He determines this roadmap by identifying the strengths, risk tolerance, opportunities and goals of his client. Having understood these factors, then he can have a clear view of exactly what his clients want.

#Pillar Two: Developing an Investment Strategy

Richard goes ahead to come up with a strategy that is based on the strengths, goals, and opportunities of the client. It is effective and basically a long-term strategy that is client-tailored. He then reallocates the client’s assets in a way that they become risk-free.

#Pillar Three: Implementing and Monitoring the Strategy

After the financial roadmap and strategy are laid down, he will then review them together with the client so that their implementations will suite the financial goals of the client.

Richard has of been of help to many as an investment advisor representative, a certified annuity specialist, a certified fund specialist, a certified income specialist, a tax specialist and estate and trust specialist. Being around teachers all through, he developed an urge of helping people through educating them on financial planning and this led him to found Wealth Solutions in 1994.


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