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Organo Gold is expanding the product line, and a lot of patrons are happy about this. They have a chance to buy the different forms of tea, but coffee is still the main staple. More people are taking interest in the things like the Cafe Mocah coffee and the Organo Gold Black coffee because it is one of the strongest brands of the gourmet coffee around.

People are also excited about the fact that this is 100% organic when it comes to gourmet coffee beans. Anyone that is trying to add an addition to their coffee collection may find that Organo Gold is something worth looking into. It is a brand that is not like the others that are on the market, and it is not as common to find. If you are this novelty coffee drinker that always wants to surprise friends and family with unique brands of coffee Organo Gold this is going to be the brand for you. It tends to work well as a holiday gift as well, and there are special gift boxes that people can send to friends that they know are coffee lovers.

A lot of people fall for it instantly, but it is not sold everywhere. You need to go online or connect with an independent distributor to get access to it. That is the thing that makes it a bit of a buzz worthy product line.

Bernard Chua has continued to enforce the element surprise as the thing that helps him keep this company afloat. No one expected detox products from Organo Gold. No one expected any type of personal care of hygiene products from this company. People initially became interested in the tea and their loyalty allowed them to stay connected to the brand long enough to see it expand.

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