Treatment of many diseases using minimally invasive methods continue to recieve a lot of appreciation around the world. The use of technology to help target specific diseased areas in the body has not only made it easy for doctors to treat their patients, but has also drastically reduced the healing time and process for the patients.

Ara Chackerian, an enterpreneur and investor who specializes in starting up and expanding healthcare companies, has in one of his investments, made the use of technology for the treatment of phsychiatric illnesses closer and more accessible to patients. At TMS Health Solutions which Ara Chackerian co-founded, device based treatment for patients with Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD) is applied as a treatment option. Using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy, commonly referred to as TMS, doctors at the clinic are able to treat patients with depression that doesn’t respond well to medication or talk therapy.

According to Ara Chackerian, this method of treatment is superiorly efficient as it works by delivering electro-magnetic pulses that are localised to the prefrontal cortex. This helps to regulate a patient’s mood, which in turn stimulates their cortical neurons to relieve their depression symptoms. TMS therapy, he says, is one of the few treatment methods that ensures the patient comes first in terms of both experience and treatment. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

Ara Chackerian and his business patners have gone on to build seven more facilities offering TMS Therapy in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area. In a bid to extend the knowledge and application of TMS Therapy to other physicians as well, Ara Chackerian and his patners formed TMS Health Education. This is a forum that brings together physicians from around the world to discuss and train on the various aspects of TMS therapy. Through this annual event, Ara Chackerian and his patners seek to drive awareness of TMS Therapy to as many physicians as possible, and in turn help to reach out to more patients with mental illness.

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