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Can dogs really choose wet or dry dog food? Well, yes. Or at least my dog can and she will go without eating all day if she doesn’t like what I bought. Dogs are smarter than we want to believe. I buy on Wal-Mart both BENEFUL® wet and dry dog food.

With Nestle Purinastore‘s BENEFUL® dry dog food, I know my dog, Roxie, is getting the nutrition she needs. However, I spoiled her when I fed her wet dog food in the morning and leave dry dog food out all day for her to nibble on. With BENEFUL® CHOPPED BLENDS™ wet dog food made with beef, carrots, peas and barley. Roxie’s excitement confirmed that this savory mixture with real ingredients was yummy. Its combination of textures gives Roxie what she wants and gives me confidence she is getting healthy food.

The dry dog food that BENEFUL® has amazing flavors that Roxie enjoys. How can I tell? Her bowl is always empty and there are no other dogs around. Her favorite is BENEFUL® Originals made with real salmon and includes sweet potatoes, green beans & carrots for that homemade flavor. She eats it as soon as I put it in her bowl and looks up at me as if she wants a second helping.

Roxie loves CHOPPED BLENDS™ with chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. She thinks she is getting human table food and I know she’s getting wholesome ingredients that gives it that texture she loves. I want Roxie happy and healthy. I won’t tell her it’s not table food. Is that wrong?

Can you tell I’ve tried several flavors of BENEFUL® both wet and dry? The amazing INCREDIBITES® are yet another favorite. I do believe I see a smile when I give her this flavor. She is smart and I’ve tried sneaking in cheaper brands. You know, when money is tight and you tend to scrimp a bit. It’s a waste of time and money as she leaves it in her bowl and I figured if she gets hungry enough she would eat the off brand. Not true for her. By the end of the day and she hasn’t eaten any of her food, I go and purchase BENEFUL® [online: https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/ ] and she eats it hurriedly. I’m not sure if she is trained or she has me well trained.