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Securus Technologies has recently acquired a company called JPay. JPay has been a leader in the criminal justice industry for telecommunication services as well as instant electronic payments from prisoners and their families. This acquisition should vault Securus to the top of the telecommunications industry within the criminal justice system.


Securus has already been leading the way in the industry. They provide an incredibly well reviewed telecommunications services to prisons and jails throughout the country. They have 1.2 million inmates under their umbrella and the families of those inmates you must use this company in order to communicate with their loved one in prison.


Their telephone service is spectacular but they also provide prisoners and their loved ones with video chat services. These video chat services will be made more effective and more affordable with the acquisition of Jpay.


Securus has had an A+ rating from the Better Business BureauĀ for their customer service for a very long time. But in March they went through the accreditation process from the Better Business Bureau and passed with flying colors. The BBB only awards accreditation to companies that meet their incredibly high standards and the company must volunteer for the inspection.


It is this volunteering that makes Securus stand out from the competition. With the industry’s business model, there is no real motivation to provide stellar customer service. But Securus goes out of its way to operate a 220-seat customer service call center. The call center is amazingly efficient and very well reviewed. Most concerned customers will have their issue resolved on the first call, up to 99.9% of them. Calls are answered within 11 seconds on average and the call center is capable of taking 2.5 million calls per month. It seems the people running Securus are making good decisions every step of the way.


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