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Solo Capital is an investment company that was created by Sanjay Shah. He was fresh out of resigning from his accounting career, and decided to hire a few college graduates along with some trading partners to help him get his investment business going. He decided to give himself a year of hard work and dedication to see where the company went. Solo Capital is now a million dollar company that is thriving in both Dubai and London areas. They have over thirty nine offices in the surrounding areas and are continuing to grow each day. The company has allowed Shah to take bake seat to the scene, and semi-retire. He has actually owned many other companies aside from Solo Capital, so he understands how to properly run a business with great products. He can now focus on some other areas in his life that have recently developed.

Shah hasn’t always been in the accounting business. In fact, he originally wanted to become a doctor. He was born in Kenya and moved to Central London with his family to start his career. He attended Boston College where he studied medicine, but soon decided that it wasn’t something he wanted to do for the rest of his life, so he switched his major to accounting. He graduated from accounting and started working for some of the most prominent banking and investment companies. His skills and dedication paid off, and he has now moved on to funding and working towards the success of a charity he developed called Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks was created in 2014 after several years of the discovery of his son’s condition. He was diagnosed with autism in 2011, and Shah along with his wife, always felt that they wanted to do something to help. Since the condition cannot be cured, he figured this was the next best thing. Autism Rocks is a charity even that is help via invite only concerts to help raise money for the condition. With the money donated, he hopes that research and development of the neurological condition will become better understood, and that awareness will be raise to an all new level.


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