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Southridge Capital provides the structured and also advisory finance to different public companies. And its core mandate is helping their clients meets their innovative financial solutions. The company prides in having a robust group of executive team members that have intuitive and also deep understanding on matters about the economic marketplace.


Southridge Capital has directed over 1.8 billion dollars into different starting up and growing companies since 1996 globally. It has financed 250 public companies hence having an insight of the various concerns and matters that affect the growing companies and they have teamed with the latest expertise and also skills. The company consults on different corporate issues from individualized financing techniques, becoming public company and optimization of the balance sheet management. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Southridge Capital offers various advisory services that include the financial analysis where it highlights the company design proving high details of its financial statements. It also provides projected financial statements that are aligned with the company operational and costs assumptions. Southridge Capital balance sheet optimization services help their clients in maintaining the much-needed balance between the equity and debts and helping them access various mechanisms to yield high results. The legal settlement sector of the company focuses on aiding the companies in settling of the litigations by transparently defining the required legal documents hence minimizing the time and expenses for both clients.


Southridge also offers the structured finance aspects that entail the credit-enhancing, securitization, and financing solutions. The team members of Southridge understand the need for companies to find natural answers for capital and they use the Securitization solution that helps in monetization of exercising assets against the insider’s shares.


Southridge boasts robust management team that comprises of five individual with high skills, education, and expertise to lead the company to growth. Stephen M. Hicks is Southridge Capital president, Chief Executive Officer, and the founder. The company believes in nurturing of social responsibility, and it best demonstrates its duty through both informal and formal philanthropy. Southridge Capital opened its financial services to customers in 1996, and it since became a global name with the power to execute its client’s plans without fail. You can visit their Facebook page.



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