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Securing a bright future entails investing in good investment plans. Igor Cornelsen is among the notable individuals that have contributed in the establishment renowned investment firms. He was born in Brazil in 1947 and later joined an engineering school in 1965. Here, he developed an interest in the investment world later in his years of study. Due to his interest in investment, he converted to learning economics that could later give him invaluable skills. During this time, computers and calculators were few and as such, he had the ability to calculate compound interest rates that gave him an edge over the rest.

After graduating, Igor Cornelsen got his first employment opportunity at an investment firm. He became famous in the investment field thus attracting recognition from different quarters. This was an eye opener that could later propel him to reach higher positions in the investment bank. In 1974, he was promoted to the board of directors of Multibanco and subsequently as the chief executive officer in 1976. As a renowned investment personality, he would later move to Unibanco in 1978 after Multibanco was acquired by the Bank of America. As opportunity would have it, Unibanco was one of the leading investment firms in Brazil putting him in the global limelight. He performed exceptionally well until the late 1980s when the inflation rates skyrocketed in Brazil and he had to look for greener pastures.

Igor Cornelsen witnessed his turning point when he got employment opportunity at Libra Bank PLC. This was a bank was situated in the London which gave him an edge higher in the investment world. His life changed completely because it was the first time he was being paid his salary in US Dollars. His motivation to work contributed towards opening more windows of opportunities. After an exemplary performance at the bank for seven years, he moved back to Brazil to form his own investment firm. He attributes his success to the international news and investment knowledge he acquired over the years. He focuses more on getting first-hand information from Reuters which saves him the time that is normally wasted on research. For one to be successful, you need to invest more in the current economic news and investment plans.

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